Feature Release Log


Guidebook is always working on creating new and exciting features. Below is a list of these releases, as well as some support articles and case studies to aid in your understanding and best practices.


Cover Pages: A Best-in-Class Web Offering (September 2018)
Cover Pages offer a new form of promotional material that is highly personalized and designed to increase guide adoption among your attendees. Take advantage of our easy-to-use tools to highlight important information and give users a taste of what they will find in the guide before downloading. Learn more > 

Home: An Improved App Experience (June 2018)
We've received a ton of great feedback on our “Discover” App Home update that was released last year, so we’ve put those ideas into practice! With the updated Home layout, it’s even easier to browse, find, and download guides. Learn more > 

Privacy Center (May 2018)
The Privacy Center allows users to control whether they share their guide usage data or not. Guidebook is GDPR compliant. Learn more > 

Metered Guides (February 2018)
Our newest plan level provides the same features available on our flat rate Premium plan but on a pay-per-download pricing structure. Learn more > 

Integrations (January 2018)
Take advantage of our first integrations, Eventbrite, and Salesforce, to make managing content for your event even easier. More integrations will continue to be added. Learn more >

Open API (January 2018)
Our Open API uses resource-oriented URLs, standard HTTP response codes, and HTTP verbs to segment different types of requests. The REST API is intended for content management. Learn more >


Spaces (December 2017)
Guidebook Spaces allows clients to have their own branded area of the Guidebook app. Keeping your app up to date while maintaining control over your own theme is now easier than ever! Learn more >

Builder Home (October 2017)
We’ve updated the Builder Home interface to make it easier to navigate between your guides and apps, and manage different accounts. Learn more > 

Discover - A New App Home (June 2017)
A redesigned and optimized home page for your mobile app that allows you to showcase your brand to give users a more familiar experience, strategically direct users’ attention to a particular guide for increased adoption, and help users quickly find the app content they need. Learn more >

Audience Insights (May 2017)
Understand user engagement and take action! View the engagement levels and in-app actions of your users. Then, take advantage of this data to set up strategic actions and increase your app ROI. Learn more >

Users and Groups (March 2017)
Manage your users for a better onboarding experience. Increase adoption, control access, and gain more insight into your users. Learn more >


Menu Item Cloning (December 2016)
Are you creating multiple apps that have similar information or resources? We now allow you to quickly clone specific features across your guides so you can save time. Learn more >

Adding Personal Schedule Items (November 2016)

Let your attendees add personal appointments to their Guidebook calendar. Instead of having to manage multiple calendars, all of their meetings will be visible in one centralized place. 

Mobile Admin (July 2016)

Manage your mobile app from your phone. Guide admins can quickly update schedule items and send out important messages, all from your Guidebook app. Learn more >

Activity History (May 2016)

See at a glance what changes have been made to your guides, and by whom. Quickly navigate to specific sections, and stay on top of the activities of your collaborators. Learn more >

Guide Tagging (May 2016)

If you are building new guides every week, your dashboard can sometimes get overwhelming. We now allow you to quickly sort and manage your guides using tags. Learn more >

Single Sign On (April 2016)

SSO allows users to log into Guidebook-powered apps using their existing company and/or organization credentials. Learn more about SSO basics here. If you're looking for technical documentation, click here.

Interact (April 2016)

Introducing "Interact" by Guidebook: A curated feed of relevant content, timely discussions, and interactive networking, to increase engagement and ensure that all parties - event organizers, sponsors, and of course your attendees - get the most out of your mobile app. Learn more >

Icon Builder (March 2016)

Guidebook now allows you to create your own unique icons within our system; choose from our preset library, and then modify the colors to match your brand or event palette. Icons can also be found more easily, using tags and filters. Learn more >

Group Notifications (March 2016)

Need to send out a push notification but don't want to notify everyone at your event? Use Group Notifications to send out targeted messages to users who have downloaded your guide. Learn more >

Collaboration Center (February 2016)

Save time by inviting speakers and sponsors to fill in their own listing in your event guide (bio, photo, contact details, etc). Learn more >

One-Step Guide Downloads (February 2016)

New in 2016, users can download their guide in a single step! One-step downloads make it much easier for you to promote your guide and get people to download it, and will make for happier attendees and higher adoption rates! Learn more >

One to Many Custom List Items (January 2016)

In Builder, you can now use one custom list item in several different lists! This cuts down on time spent creating a new item every time it appears in a different list. Check out New in 2016 in the Custom List support article for an illustration.

Preset Schedules (January 2016)

This new feature allows a guide admin to preset attendees’ schedules for them. After downloading the app and signing in, attendees will be able to see the schedules the admin has set up for them via the My Schedule module. Learn more >



Audio Tours (December 2015)

Guidebook now allows you to create self-guided mobile tours for your campus or venue. You build out the Tours entirely on our Builder, and users can have a great mobile experience when visiting your location. Check out our Tours overview, or read this article to understand how to set one up!

Private Messaging (September 2015)

Users now have the ability to message each other within a guide! Simply create an account, check in to the guide, and send a message to anyone else who has checked in. Private messaging works just like texting on your phone, so users will find it easy and intuitive. Check out this support article for more information!

Attendee Management (September 2015)

We’re proud to announce that event organizers are now able to track attendance on any given session in their guide! Attendee Management allows you to set attendance limits and waitlists as well view a guest list to see which attendees have signed up for a particular session. Our support article gives a thorough overview of this exciting feature!

Guidebook Builder (July 2015)

Guidebook has released a new content management system.  The Guidebook Builder (replacing Guidebook Gears) is a world class management system aimed at delivering:

  • A faster, sleeker building experience—With an elegant new look and streamlined workflows, pages will load faster, data will import quicker and everyday building will zoom right along!

  • Guide templates—Guidebook will anticipate the type of apps you want to make with a library of professionally built templates that will save you even more time on the building process.

  • Better usage metrics—On a new dashboard, new insights will shine light on audience makeup, event engagement, content interaction and sponsorship engagement.

Access the new Guidebook Builder at builder.guidebook.com.

Date Picker (March 2015)

The Schedule module now shows more information in one place. In addition to displaying upcoming event days, each event's track and location information is listed more clearly. Furthermore, your attendees can now toggle between the main Schedule and their My Schedule information and even filter events by Track right from the Schedule module.

Guide Discovery (March 2015)

Finding and Downloading guides has been elegantly updated so that users can easily redeem, search, and access guides. For more information about downloading guides using Guide Discovery, click here.



Metrics (December 2014)

The new Metrics page in Gears has detailed insights on your guide's use. Not only can you access download numbers by platform, but you can also see figures on menu item launches, event and POI views, and sponsor banners' views and taps. To learn more, here is an Overview of Guide Metrics.

Photo Album Redesign (December 2014)

In addition to uploading and viewing photos in your guide, your users can now “like” photos and view them dynamically. Photos with the most love will show up more prominently.

Want to see how the photo album can be used creatively? Click here for a case study.

Live Polling (September 2014)

Engage speakers and attendees by using real-time live polling. This feature requires a strong internet connection to function. Learn more >

Want to see it in action? Check out Guidebook's content piece on Mobile Live Polling

Session Ranking (rank) (October 2014)

This feature allows ranking and re-ordering of concurrent sessions. Learn more >

Guide Cloning (June 2014)

We understand that event guides may be very similar -- guide builders may want to base a new guide on an old guide.  Guide cloning makes this process very straightforward. Learn more >

My Schedule/To-do List Syncing (May 2014)

While the ability for end-users to create custom to-do lists and add sessions to their personalized schedules has been around since Guidebook's inception, users can now sync their My Schedule/To-do list data between devices.  A user account is required for this feature. Learn more >

Want to see it in action? See how Strathcona County uses My Schedules as part of their municipal solution.

Mass Photo Upload for Custom Lists (May 2014)

We understand that uploading dozens of images to list items can be time consuming. Mass photo uploading for custom lists allows Gears users to add multiple photos in one go! Learn more >

Notes (March 2014)

This feature lets users take in-app notes and share them with others. Learn more >

Password Protected Splash Screen for Standalone Branded Apps (February 2014)

Information security is always important; for Branded Standalone Apps (Apps which host only a single guide), one can add a splash screen prompting users to enter a password.  This will limit access to your app’s content. Learn more >



Inbox/Push Notifications (October 2013)

Keep your attendees up to date by sending real-time or scheduled inbox and push notifications to your users. Learn more >

Want to see it in action? Check out insight from our in-house data scientist, and see how Stratchona County uses these features to aid in their municipal solution.

Attendees/Connect & User Accounts (October 2013)

Boost networking and engagement at your event by adding the attendees module to your guide. With Guidebook's user accounts, your attendees can create profiles, swap virtual business cards, and check into sessions (in Beta). For more information, read the Attendee Connect Feature and User Accounts.

Want to see how it can impact your event’s success? We wrote pieces on the Psychology of Event Check-Ins and Boosting Engagement.

Interactive Maps (May 2013)

Make simple image maps interactive by adding clickable locations to them. You can then link these locations to sessions or custom list items and direct users to maps you have added to your guide. Learn more >

For best practices on interactive maps, check out a great piece featuring insight from Peter Lada, our Creative Director and Co-Founder, and real-life tips from a professional cartographer: Why a Map is at the Heart of your Event Design.


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