Overview of Preset Schedules


With Preset Schedules, you can assign sessions to your Users. When your Users log in on the app, they will see their pre-assigned agenda in their My Schedule menu item.

Note: This feature is available on Premium guides. Please reach out to your Account Manager for any subscription-related questions.

In this article, we will cover:

How to Set Up Preset Schedules 

Before Getting Started:

  • Make sure you have added sessions to your schedule.
  • Make sure you have invited Users to your guide.
    • If you are going to set up a Preset Schedule for a Group, set up your Groups as well!

Note: Each user can only be assigned to one preset schedule. Please see FAQs below for more details. 

I'm ready!

Follow the steps below to manually assign sessions to your Users. If you would like to use the Preset Schedule template to assign many Preset Schedules at once, click here for help.

In the Guidebook Builder, open the guide you are working on. From the guide dashboard, click on "Users and Groups". 



Click on the "Preset Schedules" tab.  


  • Click "Create"
  • Provide a "Schedule name" - only you will see this!
  • Select the Users and/or Groups who should be assigned this schedule
  • Scroll through your sessions and check the boxes to select sessions
  • Click Save! 

Be sure to click "Publish this schedule" (or click "Publish All Schedules") when you're ready to share these Preset Schedules with your Users.

Builder will send an email inviting those Users to access their personalized schedule in the guide the first time you click "Publish" here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many preset schedules can I assign to one user?

Preset Schedules are limited to one per user. If you assign multiple preset schedules to one user, the most recently assigned schedule will overwrite any existing scheduled sessions. 


How many preset schedules can you make?

There is no limit to the number of Preset Schedules you can create!


If I edit the Schedule sessions in my guide, will everyone's Preset Schedules automatically update?

Be sure to publish your updates on your guide. When you make any changes (add/edit/remove) to Schedule sessions, yes, those changes will reflect across Users's Preset Schedules as well. 

Note: Your Users will need to be connected to the Internet (via WiFi or Cellular data) in order to receive updates!


If I edit a User's Preset Schedule, will it automatically update?

Click "Publish This Schedule" to ensure changes made to a specific Preset Schedule do appear for your Users. 

Note: Your Users will need to be connected to the Internet (via WiFi or Cellular data) in order to receive updates!



Can a user delete the schedule items that were preset for them?

No, a user will not be able to remove sessions added using a preset schedule. If you need to make updates for a users Preset schedule it should be done from the builder site. (Remember, updating preset schedules will clear out a users My Schedule of any sessions not assigned with a preset schedule).


If a User states they do not see their assigned Preset Schedule:

  1. Network Connectivity: Ensure the User has a strong Internet connection (via WiFi or Cellular data). Updates can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to go through, depending on the internet strength. On average, changes should appear 20-30 seconds after you hit "Publish This Schedule."
  2. User Account: Make sure the User has logged in with the same account where you assigned the sessions. If they confirm they are using the correct account, please ask them to log out and log back in.
  3. Updates: Close & re-open the guide, or tap the refresh icon in the navigation menu. This will force the app to check for updates.

If the My Schedule feature still does not load properly, here are a few additional tips:

  • Have the user try navigating to a different guide icon, and then back to their My Schedule.
  • Have the user try adding an item to their My Schedule and see if this prompts their assigned sessions to load as well.
  • If your user is accessing your guide via web browser, have them clear the cache on their browser and then reload the page. 

If you or your Users need additional assistance, please contact us at Support@guidebook.com!

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