Metrics: Understanding User Behavior


Metrics are able to provide insights into the download rate and usage of your guide. There are a few different areas in Builder where you can access Metrics—for a guide, for your Builder organization, and for your app.

Read each article below to learn more about the different topics: 

If you are looking for tools to measure user engagement and/or track specific user activities in your guide, click here to learn about Audience Insights

Watch this video for a quick overview of Guide-specific Metrics:

We hope the data helps you determine what went well and what you can improve to ensure your users have a great experience. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you would like to discuss your metrics in greater detail. We’re always happy to brainstorm tactics to help you reach your goals, whether you would like to tweak your promotional strategy or learn more guide-building tips and tricks. 

To learn more about real clients that have chosen to go mobile with Guidebook, and to see event technology best practices, visit our blog. It is the most approachable and complete resource for all things mobile technology, mobile apps, and your planning career. We even run a special series on metrics written by our resident Data Scientist, Patrick McNally.


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