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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Inbox Notifications

3. Push Notifications

4. Case Studies

 1. Introduction

Guidebook allows you to send real-time notifications from your guide to your users in a variety of ways. You can send notifications to an inbox within your mobile guide, and even send a push notification, which will notify users even if their Guidebook app is closed (much like a text message). Below are instructions for sending both inbox and push notifications.

The Notifications section is available to users on all guide plans. All guides on all plans can send in-app update messages that go straight to the notification box. For those that have purchased the feature, push notifications are a great way of alerting users even when they're not using the app. 

NOTE: Push Notifications are not available in all Guidebook plans. Please contact your account manager or if you would like to get a quote. 


2. Inbox Notifications

To send an inbox notification, go to the Notifications section of your Guide (shown below). If you have not added the Notifications module to your guide in the "Build Guide" section, you will be prompted to do so when you try to compose a message.

Once you are in the Notifications overlay, tap "Compose Notification". Fill out the overlay with the Title (cannot exceed 80 chars, including spaces) and Notification body (the body cannot exceed 1024 characters, including spaces) and hit send to communicate instantly with your users!

You may also schedule an inbox notification to be sent to your users; use the Schedule field to choose a date and time.

Please note that the time zone for scheduling notifications is the same time zone as the guide venue!


How does it look in the app?

In the app, an alert bubble with the number of unread messages will appear on the Inbox icon. 


Messages will appear in a list. Tap on a message to open it!


If you have a URL link in the body of the message, it will appear in a different color font. Tap on the link to open the URL in a browser window.



3. Push Notifications

If you are on a Premium or Branded level subscription, you can access push notifications! Each guide is allotted with 15 push notifications, and this number cannot be increased. Please use your notifications with care. 

To send a push notification, navigate to the Notification overlay (just as you would to send a non-push notification). The "Title" of your notification will contain the label for the push notification (must be 80 characters or fewer, including spaces) and the “Notification” field is where you can enter a longer message (up to 1024 characters, including spaces) for things such as announcements and reminders. If you include any wording in the "Notification" area, it will appear in users' notification section.

Make sure that the “Push Notifications” slider is set to “ON” if you'd like to utilize the functionality (as shown below).

If you leave the Schedule field blank, the message will be sent immediately.

Please note that the time zone for scheduling notifications is the same time zone as the guide venue!


How does it look in the app?

Push notifications will appear as alerts on users' devices, if users have enabled push notifications for the app. 

Push notifications are also saved in the Inbox for later viewing.



Please note that any URLs linked in the body of the message will ONLY appear when viewing the message from the Inbox. The URL link will NOT be live when viewing the push notification device alert.

If you have any additional questions about how to use notifications, please use the comments space below or email us at




4. Case Studies

Want to see it in action? Check out these powerful insights from our in-house data scientist about push messaging at events. You can also read about how Strathcona County uses these features to aid in their municipal solution.

EDU users, such as NC State, have also used push notifications to reach out to thousands of students at once.


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