Getting Started in Guidebook Builder


If you've just signed up to build your guide, or you just want to experiment with Guidebook Builder, this instructional guide will help you get started.

You will learn how to:

If you’d like to jump into the App Dashboard, please click here for a walkthrough of app design and app store submission via Builder.

Whether you prefer to watch the video first or read through each component detailed below, we know you'll be ready to dive into guide-building in no time at all! 

Welcome to Guidebook Builder

First, please visit and log in to your Builder account. If you haven’t set one up yet, it’s free to sign up. In case you have any trouble with your password, click here to reset your password.

When you log in to your Builder account, you will arrive at the Builder home screen.   


Your guides will appear on this home screen. The light grey bar at the top will be visible throughout Builder; just click the "g" in the middle to return home any time. 

You can find announcements, get help from our Support team, or manage your account using the buttons in the top-right corner.

Create a Guide

Let's build a guide! Click the "Start building" button at the left of the home screen.

Note: If you are part of an Organization, Builder will ask you if this new guide should be attached to your personal account or if it should belong in that Organization. You might be part of an Organization if your company, group, or college/university has an Organization account in Builder for centralized billing.

If you are building a guide for your Organization, please check in with your Organization Administrator to ensure you are working on the correct guide. You may need to access a Pre-Purchased Guide (click here for details)


1. Select a Template

The templates we provide are suggested outlines to help you get started. You will have access to all of the features in any template you choose.


There are a lot of options! Let's try to narrow it down:

Is my guide for an Event or a Tour?

  • If your guide is for an Event, select "Event Guide". Then select a template that most closely resembles your type of event. Event guides must have a start date and an event date in Builder.
  • If you are creating a self-guided Tour of your campus, select "Tour Guide". Then continue with a "Campus Visit and Tours" template.

What if my guide is for a year-round resource like a handbook, trainings, my restaurant, or something else really cool?

  • If your guide is for anything else (not just one event or a campus tour), you can choose any other category.

You can access the full suite of features regardless of the template you choose. If you can't decide which template to use, click "Continue without a template" to start from scratch. Again, you will have access to all of the features in any template you choose.


2. The Basics

 The next few screens will lay the foundation for your guide. You can skip any step by clicking "Skip for now". You can make changes to the basic details later.


Step 1 - Basic Details

  • Name: Select a name for your guide.
  • Description: This is a great place for a welcome letter, some instructions, and/or key contact information.
  • Short Name: Choose the ending for your guide's customized landing page URL. You'll use this when you promote your guide to your users.
  • Duration: If your guide is a long-term resource, you can make the duration indefinite! If your guide is for an event, please set the specific start & end dates here.
  • Timezone: Set the timezone for your primary or central location. 

Step 2 - Branding

  • On the next screen, add your guide icon and cover imageVisit the linked article for details on what these images are and where they will appear in the app. 

Step 3 - Location

  • Provide the name of guide's primary or central location.
  • Use the Address bar to search for and set the street address.

Step 4 - Privacy

  • On the next screen, You can determine the privacy setting for your guide. If you’re not sure about the privacy setting you want, please click here for more information.
  • The Sharing option allows attendees to share sessions, speakers, and other aspects of the guide. 


Once you have created a guide, you will arrive at the guide-building canvas. Here you can draft your content and design a great tool for your users.


On the left side of the screen, you have your navigation menu. This is what your users will see in the menu in the app.

The middle of the screen shows a preview of your guide. In the example above, the “General Info” module is the home screen, so the canvas shows a preview of that menu item.

To the right, you will see a progress bar. Builder will alert you to any menu items missing content. When you’re ready to publish, a big “publish” button will appear here.

So how do we add content? Click the links below for detailed walkthroughs:

  1. Schedule
  2. Custom Lists
  3. Maps (Overview)
  4. Attendee Engagement
  5. Organizing Your Guide

Note: Click “Back to Dashboard” to access your guide dashboard. Here you can dive back into guide-building, or view the Activity History to see what changes were made and when. You can also create surveys, schedule notifications, add collaborators to help build your guide, explore promotional materials, and even review the metrics when your guide is in use. 

Publish Your Guide

After you’ve added content to your guide, review the promotional materials on the guide dashboard to strategize how you’re going to share your great guide with your users.

When you click “publish”, your guide will need to be reviewed before it’s approved and fully published.

For more details on publishing your guide, please click here

Questions? We’re here to help. Email us at


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