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With Guidebook, you can build a guide for nearly anything! However, with great power, comes great responsibility -- we recognize that not all data is meant to be seen by all eyes.  For this reason, you have access to a  few different privacy options: 

Public Guide

A public guide is visible to anyone and ready to be downloaded immediately. It does not require a passphrase or login; any user can find your guide and see your content within. Your content is not private. 


Private Guide: Passphrase-Protected


A private guide is not visible in the Guidebook app or your Branded app. Users can only find a private guide if they have the passphrase. Users download a private guide only after successfully entering the passphrase you provide to them. 

You can make your guide private and set your passphrase in Builder:


  1. Click "Edit Guide Details" in the bottom-left corner of the guide-building screen.
  2. Click on the "Privacy" tab
  3. Click on the "Passphrase" radial button.
  4. Type in the passphrase you would like to use.
  5. Click Save!

When you promote your guide, make sure you provide your users with this passphrase so they can access your guide.



Invite-Only Guide

The Invite-Only privacy option is available for Metered, Premium, and Branded plan-holders. To make your guide Invite-Only, choose "Invite-Only" in the Privacy tab of the guide basic details.

When you have published your guide and you are ready to promote it, you can invite Users via Builder.

Only folks on this invited Users list will be able to get into your guide.

They will be required to login to their account. 

  • When an invited User successfully logs in, the invited User will be able to access your guide.
  • If someone tries to access your guide but they are NOT an invited User, the app will keep them at the login screen; they will not get any further. 

For more details on the Invite-Only privacy level and our Users & Groups feature, please visit this article linked here.  Note: Users can only access a guide with this privacy setting in app. The web version is not supported. 

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