Users and Groups: Send Personal Invitations


With Users and Groups, you can enhance your promotional strategy and your communication with your Users.

On all plan levels, you can see who has downloaded your guide and logged into their account. You can also segment your Users into Groups.

You can also take advantage of a few more key tools: Invite-Only privacy option (detailed below), Push Notifications to specific Users and/or Groups, and Preset Schedules assigned to specific Users and/or Groups.

In this article, we will cover:

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If you do not see the Users and Groups tab on your guide dashboard, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to Support at

The Users Tab

In Guidebook Builder, open the guide you are working on. From the guide dashboard, click on "Users and Groups". You will arrive at the Users tab. 


The Users tab will always show who has been invited to your guide and who has downloaded it & logged into their account. 

The possible statues for Users in this tab are: 

  • CreatedYou have added the User to the Users section but haven't sent an invite.

  • InvitedYou have sent this User an invitation.

  • Downloaded: This user has downloaded your guide and logged into their account.

  • Revoked (Invite-Only): You sent this User an invitation but you have revoked their access.

    • If a User has already downloaded the guide, the next time it refreshes, the user will be kicked out of the guide.

    • If a User has not downloaded the guide yet, they will not have access to it anymore - just like any other User who is not invited.

If a User has downloaded your guide but not logged in yet, they will show as "Invited".


Users and Guide Privacy

1. Public Guides and Private Guides (Passphrase-protected)

For Public and Passphrase-protected guides, you will simply see a list of Users who have downloaded your guide and logged in.

Note: There may be Users you do not specifically invite via Builder who download your guide. If these Users download your guide but never log in, they will NOT appear in the Users tab. Users must log in to be visible in the Users tab.


2. Invite-Only Guides

For Invite-Only guides, only Users you have invited will have access to your guide!

Change your guide's privacy to "Invite-Only" to enable this restricted access setting. (Note: Enabling this privacy setting will disable access to the web version of your guide!) 


Please set your guide's privacy as early on as possible. Changing your guide privacy between public, passphrase, and/or invite-only repeatedly will cause confusion and a poor user experience!


The Groups Tab

Segment your Users into Groups for targeted communication.

On the Plus plan, segment your Users into Groups as you identify who has already accessed your guide content and who might need additional reminders to download your guide. You can use the "Export users to CSV" option on the Users tab for a spreadsheet version of the Users list, to help with email campaigns. 

On the Premium, Branded or Metered plan, take advantage of Push Notifications and/or Preset Schedules to send messages and assign sessions to your Groups, especially if numerous Users need to receive the same information at once.


How to Create a Group

Click on the "New" button on the Groups tab. 


  • Give your Group a name.
  • Then start typing in the names of the Users you would like to add to this Group. Click to select each user.
  • Then click "Create".

Click on the name of the Group to quickly review the status (Invited/Downloaded) of each Group member. You can also remove a User from a Group, or delete a Group altogether via the Groups tab. 


You can view and manage Groups from the Users tab as well. Click on the Group affiliation menu next to a User's name to add, view, and/or remove Group membership.


To create Groups and assign Users in bulk, click here


Questions? Reach out to your Account Manager or contact the Support team at!

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