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Keep your users informed with Notifications! Whether you need to announce a schedule change, you would like to send a reminder, or you have included notifications in your sponsorship packages, the Notifications tool provides a quick and easy way to communicate with everyone who has downloaded your guide.

Note: To ensure your users receive your Notifications, encourage them to enable notifications for the app. Notifications also require network connectivity (WiFi or cellular data).

In this article, we will cover:

  1. The Two Types of Notifications
  2. How to Send a Notification

The Two Types of Notifications

In-App Inbox Notifications: All Notifications sent will be stored in the Inbox. In the app, users will see an unread message indicator next to the Inbox menu item. 


Please Note: An Inbox-only notification will not alert the user outside of the app. Users will only know they have a message waiting for them when they open the guide and check the Inbox there. 

Push Notifications:
Available on the Premium or Branded plan, Push Notifications are alerts that appear outside of the app on users' devices. These messages are also stored in the Inbox for later viewing. 

 IMG_1200.PNG -- IMG_1201.PNG -- IMG_1202.PNG

Left: Notification on lock screen. Center: Notification in device pull-down. Right: Notification in Inbox.


How to Send a Notification

Go to the Notifications section of your Guide (shown below). You will not be able to send notifications if you are missing an Inbox module in your guide. Add an Inbox module first, and then you will be able to send notifications! 


Tap "Compose Notification".


The message Title cannot exceed 80 characters, including spaces. The message Body cannot exceed 1024 characters, including spaces. You can include web address URLs in the message Body.

For more options, click "See more options"

  • Schedule Notification: Schedule a notification to go out at a specific date & time.
    • Notifications will be sent in the same time zone as your guide's overall timezone. Set/verify your timezone in the guide's Basic Details.

  • Link Within Guide (Push Notification Only): Attach a schedule session or custom list item. When users tap on the notification, they will be taken to that item in the guide. This linked item is not visible in the notification message. 

  • Enable Push Notification (Metered, Premium, Branded Plan Only): Click the toggle to send your notification as a device alert. 
    • You can send up to 25 Push Notifications per guide. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you need more.
    • You can send Push Notifications to all users or to a specific subset. Click here to learn more about Group Notifications!
    • Once sent, notifications cannot be deleted. Please be sure to double check your spelling and punctuation! ( Notifications scheduled for later can be edited until they are sent)


Can I test notifications in my guide?

Yes, you can send notifications to see what they will look like. However, we strongly recommend against sending test notifications as they can not be deleted. All of your users will see these messages. If you want to test, make sure the message is something like a welcome note or something else that won't be a problem for all of your users to see. Further, you only have 25 push notifications allotted per guide, so don't waste those!


Want to see it in action? Check out these powerful insights from our in-house data scientist about push messaging at events. You can also read about how Strathcona County uses these features to aid in their municipal solution.

EDU users, such as NC State, have also used push notifications to reach out to thousands of students at once.

If you have any additional questions about how to use notifications, please email us at

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