Image Dimensions and Format Reference


For optimum image quality, please follow the specifications below. Please note that you may upload images of any dimension & size (below 2 MB), and then resize or center them in the Builder. However, the image editor upon upload may yield a blurry or distorted photo if the dimensions are too far off from the specifications detailed below.

Guide Branding Images

Guide Icon: 120px wide, 100px tall, .jpg or .png

Guide Cover image: 640px wide, 240px tall, .jpg or .png

Click here for more information on the Guide Icon and Cover Image


Custom Icons

On the Premium and Branded plans, you have the option to upload your own custom icons for your menu items in Builder. 

The ideal size is 180px wide, 180px tall. Please upload a .png file with a transparent background.

For a more complete and comprehensive look to your guide it is recommended that you upload a suite of at least nine (9) custom icons. 

Click here for more information on Custom Icons


Images in a Custom List

  • Thumbnail images: 240px wide, 240px tall, .jpg or .png
  • Header image: 640px wide, 240px tall, .jpg or .png

Click here to learn how to import thumbnails and/or header images for your custom lists 


Header Images in a Schedule Session

The header image for a schedule session will appear at the top of the screen, above the session name, date, times, location, and description/details.

The ideal size is 640px wide, 240 px tall. Please upload .jpg or .png file.


Map Images

Map image files (.jpg or .png) should be larger than 1000px wide, 1000px tall. We recommend map images to be smaller than 2000px wide, 2000px tall, however.

This is to reduce file size. A smaller guide will take less time for users to download, and it will update faster when attendees use your guide throughout your event.


Sponsor Banner Ads

These banners appear at the bottom of the drawer navigation menu.

The ideal image size is 600px wide, 110px tall. Please upload a .png or .jpg file.


Interact: Sponsor Cards

  • Sponsor Avatar: 180px wide, 180px tall, .jpg or .png
  • Card Image: 650px, 450px tall,  .jpg or .png

Click here for more information on the Interact feature 


Check your Image Size

Incorrect image size is the greatest impediment to successful uploads.  We encourage you to upload your image at and confirm its dimensions.  You can also check image size on your own computer:

Mac:  Click the image, and hit command + I.  In the overlay that pops up, click "More Info" to see the dimensions

Windows: Find your image, right click and show Properties.  Go to the Details tab and scroll to the images portion.

Should you have any issues uploading custom icons or images of any kind you are always welcome to reach out to the support team at and we'd be happy to help you. Please attach the file you are having issues with in your email to save time!


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    Marc Lieberman

    I'm wondering why thumbnail images must be 240x240 when they are displayed so small in the app. Normally I would crop them out of the 240x640 masthead, but that would make them much smaller than 240x240.

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