Guidebook Terminology: Guides, Spaces, and Apps


Whether you have a Metered guide or a Branded app, it's important to use the correct terminology. We want you to be able to speak confidently to your end-users as you encourage them to download and use the great guide and/or app you have worked hard to build! 

We use the terms guide, space, and app quite often, but they are not interchangeable. Let's dive into some definitions.


The guide contains all of your content and features. This includes a schedule, custom lists of information, Interact and messaging tools, links to websites, and anything else you put in your guide in Builder.



Each guide lives inside of a space. 



A space is the layer between your guide and the app your guide is available on, whether that's the Guidebook app or a Branded app. We created Spaces to help us continue to navigate Apple's changing policies.

You can also now have your own Branded space within the Guidebook app - your theme, colors, and logo as your users navigate through your guide.

Each space lives inside of an app. The Guidebook app can host hundreds of spaces and Branded apps have one space.


An app is a shell that contains your space which contains your guide(s). Each app contains at least one guide. 

An app will have a theme (logos and colors). You can customize the theme with the Branded plan.

An app will also have metadata - the name of the app, its description in the app store, and the keywords people use when searching for the app. You can customize the metadata with the Branded plan.  


The Guidebook App

Our app contains various Metered and Premium guides. If you publish a guide that lives in the Guidebook space, it will have the Guidebook white and blue theme colors. 



You can also purchase a branded space that lives in the Guidebook app. If you publish a guide to your Branded space, your users will see your guide with the theme and colors you chose.

 A branded space can contain multiple guides.

A Branded App

A Branded app is built and powered by Guidebook, but it is a separate app your users can download in the app stores. It will have your own theme colors and logos.

A Branded app can open directly to one one guide (see example below), or it can contain multiple guides. 



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