How does the Marketo Integration work?

Quickly and easily! In this case specifically, we can now have Builder 'talk to' Marketo - meaning actions users take in Builder will be logged in Marketo.

To get started, you'll need a Marketo account.  Next, you should navigate to the Integrations portal in Builder and click the Metrics Export tab to kick the process off! 


Then, hit the blue Set Up button:



Enter your Marketo client id, Marketo client secret, and Marketo rest api endpoint.

If you need help getting those credentials check out Market's support article on the subject here! Screen_Shot_2018-02-09_at_3.06.21_PM.png

You can decide which actions will be logged in Marketo by selecting the button labeled "Choose which key metrics you'd like to export" and selecting the actions you want to be logged in Marketo. You can also choose to Export All to log all the possible actions. 


Next, Enter a Custom Activity ID for each Action you want to log. 

For help setting up Custom activity IDs, please refer to Marketo's support documentation here.

(These Custom Activity IDs are just examples) 


Once the intergration is complete, actions by users will be logged in Marketo's activity log! 



Why is the Marketo Integration useful?

Quite simply, it automates the process of uploading attendee data to Marketo! Using each attendee's email address, the integration will:

  1. Allow you to sync user data from builder into Marketo Automatically 
  2. Track actions those users take and run campaigns based on those actions

Attendee metrics that export to Marketo:

  1. User registers for a session
  2. User creates a to-do item
  3. User tags another user
  4. User checks-in to a guide
  5. User posts a photo
  6. User connects with another attendee
  7. User downloads the guide



  • How much does it cost?
    • This Marketo Integration is available for all Premium level guides - at no additional cost.
  • How long will the 'Setting Up' status last?
    • The Setting Up status should just take a few minutes to change to Active
  • What other integrations do you plan on offering?


For advanced questions/concerns, please reach out and our team will be happy to assist!





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