Mobile Admin: Guide Management On-the-Go!


Take guide management to the next level with Guidebook's Mobile Admin feature! With Mobile Admin, guide admins on paid plans (Plus, Premium, and Branded) can send or schedule push notifications and also make schedule modifications directly from his or her smart phone.


What do I need in order to use Mobile Admin?

  • You must be on the Plus, Premium, or Branded plan level.
  • You must be a Guide Admin on the guide in question.
  • You must be logged into the Guidebook app (or, your Branded app) using your Builder account credentials.


Using Mobile Admin:

If you are successfully set up to use the Mobile Admin feature, you'll see the Admin Tools button atop the drawer in your guide.

Tap on the Admin Tools button, and you'll see a few options: "Send or schedule a notification", "Edit Schedule", or "Contact Guidebook support".


Send or schedule a notification:

From the pane above, tap on "Send or schedule a notification". Note: the option to send or schedule a notification will only appear if you have an Inbox module in your guide. 


To send/schedule a notification, tap on "Compose new notification" from the bottom of the screen. Fill out the fields, choose whether the notification should be sent immediately or scheduled for later, and opt to send the message as a push notification (more info here: Using the Notifications Feature).

Edit Schedule

From the Admin Tools button, upon tapping "Edit Schedule", you'll be presented with a full view of your upcoming sessions (sessions within 3 days of the current date will be displayed).  Scroll down to find multi day options (with greater search capabilities coming down the line!).  Tap on a session, and you'll be able to edit several session details:


  1. Session Name: Tap to edit the name of the session.
  2. All day session? Toggle this switch to label the session as an "All Day" session, overwriting the start and end time.
  3. Starts at: Enter the date and start time of the session.
  4. Ends at: Enter the end date and time of the session.
  5. Location: Select an existing location from the list.  
  6. Description: Edit the description for the session.

You can also delete the session by clicking "Cancel Session" at the bottom.  Be sure to hit Save!  After making edits here, you'll need to hit "Publish Updates".  This button will appear on the main "Admin Tools" page within the app.



Q: I'm not seeing the Admin Tools button.

A: Be sure that you are a guide admin, that your guide is published on the Plus, Premium, or Branded plan level, and that you are logged into the guide using the same credentials as your Builder login.  You may need to publish updates to your guide in order for the button to become visible.  

If none of the above are working for you, and you have a guide on the Branded plan, we recommend reaching out to your Account Manager; your app may need to be resubmitted to the app store.  In the interim, we suggest downloading the guide on the Guidebook app and using the Guidebook app's Mobile Admin tools.


Q: So, I'm in the Admin Tools area, but I don't see a way to edit sessions or schedule notifications...

A: In order for the Edit Sessions button to appear, you must have a schedule enabled in your guide; for the Notifications section to appear, you'll need an inbox to be enabled in your guide.


Q: I'm not seeing my changes come through in the app itself.

A: Be sure you've published the updates you've made and that you are operating with internet connection.  Try exiting out of the guide and opening the guide again.  If the changes don't appear, tap again on Admin Tools to ensure no updates are pending publication.

Feel free to reach out to with any further questions!


Q: I'm not seeing all of my sessions in the Edit session area!

A: Currently, the Edit session area only displays the most proximate sessions (showing up to 3 days from the current date). 

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