Mobile Admin: Guide Management On-the-Go!


Take guide management to the next level with Guidebook's Mobile Admin feature! You can send push notifications and make edits to your schedule directly from your mobile phone. 

Know Before You Go

  1. This feature is available for our Metered and Flat Rate plan levels.
  2. You must be a Guide Administrator on the guide.
  3. Please log in to the app with your Builder account. 

How to Use Mobile Admin

Download the guide and make sure you're logged in to your account! 

In the navigation menu, you will see a secret "Admin Tools" option at the top. 


Tap on "Admin Tools". From here, you can:


Send or Schedule a Notification

Note: This option will only appear if you have an Inbox module enabled in your guide.

Tap on "Compose new notification" at the bottom of the screen.

Provide the Title and Message of your notification.

You can choose to send this notification immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.

Click here for more details: Using the Notifications Feature


Edit Schedule

Note: You will need a schedule in order to edit sessions in your guide. 

From this screen, you will see upcoming sessions within 3 days of the current date. Tap on a session, and you'll be able to edit several session details: 

You can also delete the session by clicking "Cancel Session" at the bottom.  Be sure to hit Save!  

After making edits here, you'll need to hit "Publish Updates" on the guide overall.  

This button will appear on the main "Admin Tools" menu. 


I don't see the Admin Tools button in my guide.

Make sure your guide is published on the Plus, Premium, or Branded level. Verify you are a Guide Administrator. Then, make sure you're logged in. Also, you may need to publish updates to the guide in Builder for the button to become visible. 

If you are on the Branded plan and are still stuck after confirming all of the above, please reach out to your Account Manager to ensure your app is up-to-date with support for this tool.

Otherwise, reach out to us at!


I found Admin Tools, but I don't see the option to...

In order to Edit Sessions, make sure you have the Schedule module in your guide.

In order to Send/Schedule Notifications, please make sure you have the Inbox module enabled on the main menu. 


I made changes to my guide but I don't see them on my app. 

After making any changes, always remember to "publish updates". Then make sure you have a strong network connection so you receive these updates. Try tapping the "refresh" arrows in the main menu or closing & re-opening the guide as well.  

Other questions? Contact us at!

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