Custom Lists: Add Content To Your Guide (Overview)


In this article, we will discover what a custom list is, we will explore custom list settings, and we will see some examples of custom lists

If you are looking for help with adding data to custom lists, please click here for manual entry instructions or click here for template import information

What is a Custom List?

The custom list is a fundamental building block of your guide. It is a menu item that houses content for your users. You can add as many custom lists as you need to provide information to your users.

Each custom list will have a name and an icon. Your custom lists can be placed on the main menu itself, or they can live inside a folder if you have a lot of content to keep organized.

Here are some examples of Custom Lists you might include in your guide:

  • Speakers or Presenters
  • Sponsors
  • Exhibitors
  • Award Winners
  • Staff Members
  • Departments on Campus
  • Nearby Restaurants or Attractions
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Presentation Materials or Abstracts

Adding Custom Lists to Your Guide

In your guide in Builder, please click on “Add a new feature” in the top-left corner of the screen. Scroll to find “custom list”.

If you are using a template, you might see some pre-loaded lists like “Sponsors” or “Campus Resources” in your menu. These are all lists of content you can customize.

Click to add a “Custom List” to your guide. Then click on the Custom List in the menu to edit it.

Visit the “Settings” tab to give your list a name and change the icon if you would like.



List Items

Inside a Custom List, you add List Items. Each list item is a "page" of content. This is a great place for a couple paragraphs of text, for example. 

  Simulator_Screen_Shot_Jun_2__2017__10.57.56_AM.png    --  Simulator_Screen_Shot_Jun_2__2017__10.53.58_AM.png


In the list's Settings tab, you can choose to display your list items in a traditional stacked list view or in a grid view, to show off the thumbnail images.

To learn more about adding list items, please click here for manual entry instructions or click here for template import information.

If you would like to display a single list item on the navigation menu, please click here for instructions on creating one-tap menu items.


 Highlight a Custom List in your Cover Page

Every guide comes with the ability to use a Cover Page. A Cover Page is a great way to highlight important information in your guide and help drive traffic to specific Custom Lists. Here is an example of a Cover Page with a highlighted Speakers Custom List:


Please visit our support document on Cover Pages for more information on how to create your own!

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  • Avatar
    Tammy Klos

    on template is says Image... then there are words for the image.. i.e. jpg.a.... um what? do i drag photos on to the spreadsheet? where do they go?

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Pride

    I have uploaded a custom list, but I would like to disable the little plus sign that appears at the top right of each item in grid view that brings up the "create to-do" modal. Our users think that they should click this plus sign to open and see the details of this item, and are not expecting to get the "create to-do" modal. Is it possible to disable the plus sign?

  • Avatar
    Michael Morris

    I'm just trying to figure out how to edit a custom list item's links.

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