Import Images for Custom Lists and Schedule Sessions


Adding images to your custom list items and schedule sessions is a great way to make your content pop! You may have company logos for Sponsors or headshots of your Speakers, for example. 

You can manually add header images to your custom lists or schedule sessions in Builder. You can also manually add thumbnail images for your custom list items. However, this process may be time-consuming if you have quite a few images to add. 

In this article, we will walk through using an import template to add images alongside your content.

Watch this video and/or follow the written instructions below.

Before Getting Started

Please make sure your images are sized properly!

  • All images should be .JPG or .PNG files
  • Header images should be 640 pixels wide, 240 pixels tall
  • Thumbnail images should be 240 pixels wide, 240 pixels tall.

If you import images that do not fit properly within these dimensions, Builder will try its best to fit them in your guide. However, your images may be distorted, cropped, or otherwise unusable if they are not properly sized beforehand.

Prepare Your Template

Add your data to a Custom List Template or Schedule Template like normal. 

In a Custom List Template, you'll notice there is a column for your Header images ("Image") and your Thumbnail images ("Thumbnail"). Please type in the exact filename for the image that should be imported. This is case-sensitive, and there cannot be any spaces in the filename. 


For a Schedule Template, you'll need to add a special column for your Header images. To the right of all of your information, add a column called "Image Filename (Optional)". Be sure to use this exact text.

  • You can also download a special version of the Schedule Template with this column added at the bottom of this document.

Please type in the exact filename for the image that should be imported. This is case-sensitive, and there cannot be any spaces in the filename. 


Zip Your Image Files

You will need to create a .zip file containing all of the images corresponding to your template for import. The .zip file should be less than <20 MB. If you have a lot of images, we recommend splitting up your template & images into segments and uploading them separately. 

Please make sure you select the image files and zip them directly.

Note: Do NOT zip a folder. 


How to Create a .ZIP File

Windows: Highlight the files that you want to compress, and then right-click to open the menu. Select “Send to a Compressed (zipped) folder.”

macOS: Move all the files into a single folder. Click into that folder, highlight all the items, and then secondary click to pull up the menu. Select “Compress [x] items.”

Import Your Template and Zipped Image Files

Once you’ve created that .zip file, you can upload your content and images into Builder.

Whether you are importing a Schedule Template or Custom List Template, follow the steps to import your data.

After selecting your template spreadsheet, click to "Select ZIP file with images (optional)" and select your .zip file as well. You will need to import both of these simultaneously!



Check your email for a note from Builder. If you see "Success", refresh your page in Builder to check your data. If you see "Whoops", check the error, make the changes Builder asks, and try again. If you continue to receive an error, send us an email at with the error you received and the files you're trying to upload.

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