One-Step Guide Downloads


Downloading a guide is now easier than ever! We want to help you promote your guide so your end-users will download it. This means higher adoption and better user engagement

This process works on the Guidebook app and on Branded apps. 

How It Works

Provide your user with your custom landing page for the guide. ("Landing page?" Click here to learn more!)

When a user opens your landing page on their mobile device's web browser, they will see a link to download the app in the app store. After the user downloads the app in the app store, it will open directly to your guide! 



If your user already has the Guidebook app installed on their device, they can simply "open in app". They will be taken directly to your guide! 


Note:  If your guide is private, your users will still need to enter the passphrase before gaining access to your content. 

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