Collaborate Portal: Invite Users to Edit Content


It can be time-consuming to collect and organize all of the information a guide builder needs for speaker bios, sponsor/exhibitor logos and descriptions, staff contact information lists, and so on.

With the Collaborate tool, you can invite anyone to edit the content of one specific page in your guide - no Builder account required! 

The invited Collaborator would have access ONLY to that one page; they would not be able to edit any other content in the guide. 

This feature is available to Premium and Branded plan-holders.  

How to Invite a Collaborator

You can access the Collaborate tab inside a schedule session or inside a custom list item. 


  1. Open a schedule session or custom list item in Builder
  2. Click on "Collaborate"
  3. Enter the collaborator's email address, or copy & paste the special link if you'd prefer to email folks directly.


The Collaborator's View

The Collaborator will receive an email inviting them to edit content for that schedule session or custom list item. When they click the link in their invite email, they will be taken to an edit page: 



Note: The content added to the guide does not automatically push out to users' devices. The guide builder will still need to click "publish updates" for changes in Builder to appear on users' devices.


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