Web View: A Portal to the Internet


The Web View feature is available on Plus, Premium, and Branded guide plans. This menu item links to a website of your choice - whether its a Pinterest page, a company's website, or an HTML file you would like to include.

Please avoid using the Web View for PDFs, as they may not load properly on all devices. Click here for tips on including PDFs in your guide! 

How to add a Web View to your guide:

  1. From the guide-building screen, click on the "Add new feature" button in the top-left corner. 
  2. Scroll to find the Web View module, and click the “Add” button. 
  3. Click into the Web View module to input the URL of the website you want to link.

Note: Please ensure that when adding a URL that it begins with https:// as Builder will not recognise a web link without this.


Web View Settings

In the Settings tab, you’ll be able to rename this menu item. You can also change the icon and explore other options. 

Please note: Due to differences in PDF-reading functionality across devices, a PDF URL within a Web View may not load correctly on Android devices. 

To read about including documents like PDFs in your guide, check out our all-encompassing documents article

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