Time Zone and Schedule Sessions


In this article, we will explore the connection between the time zone and your schedule sessions. 

In your guide's basic details section, you can set a Time Zone for your guide by typing in a city.


This time zone should match the location for your event. If your guide is for a year-round use-case, please set your time zone to your central office or other primary venue you have determined as the guide's overall location. In addition to affecting your schedule sessions, our guide's time zone also determines when your notifications are sent.

Be sure to set the time zone before editing any content or setting up notifications in your guide! 

What happens if I change my time zone after I have already added schedule sessions?

We sometimes hear from folks who have added sessions to their guide and then changed their time zone. You will see all of your schedule session times have shifted - but don't panic! We can help you quickly fix your schedule so all of your session times are correct again.


Step 1: Change the time zone back to what it was (before all of your session times changed on you). 


Step 2: Export the schedule from Builder. The exported schedule you get in this spreadsheet should have the correct times for your sessions. Be sure to download and open this document so you have it saved on your computer. 


Step 3: In Builder, change the time zone on your guide to the desired time zone. (This will make your schedule session times incorrect again, but we're about to fix them all at once!) 


Step 4: Import the exported version of your schedule spreadsheet back into your guide in Builder. ( Be sure not to alter the session id header or column) 


Step 5: Check your email for a "Success" message from Builder. Then refresh the page in Builder to see your updated schedule data - with the correct times!


Need more help? Send us an email at Support@guidebook.com.

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