Interact: How It Looks in the App


As a user, you can view the various Interact posts without logging in. However, to join the fun, make sure you log in to your account!

If you’re not logged in yet, tap the silhouette icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Then log in or sign up.  

Here are a few different things you can do on the Interact feed:

User Posts

Once you're logged in, you can post a comment to the Interact feed! Write your own post, or comment on someone else's post. You can like posts and see who has liked yours, too.



Schedule Sessions

Certain sessions will appear in the Home feed based on popularity, whether the session is happening soon, or if there is limited space in the session. Users can tap on these sessions to view more information, or even add it to their personal schedule:




Popular photos that have been added to your guide's photo album will also appear in Home! Tapping on View All Photos takes the user to the album, and users can also post their own pictures directly from the feed:



Recent Check-Ins

This card shows users that have recently checked in to the guide, making networking at your event easier than ever! You can also view all checked-in attendees from here and check yourself in to the guide:



View Notifications and Sponsored Posts

In addition to the content you generate along with your fellow users, the guide-builders have important announcements and key information to share with you. Keep an eye out for notifications and sponsored posts on the Interact feed as well!

announcements.gif -- sponsor.png


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