Export Data From Builder to Edit Content & Re-import


We understand that you may need to edit your guide content at any time. You can make quick changes manually, but you may need to add or edit a lot of schedule sessions or custom list items. With the Export Data tool, we help save you quite a bit of time with edits. There are just three steps: export, edit, and re-import! 

1. Export Your Data

From the guide dashboard, click on “Advanced Tools”, and then select “Export data”. Click on your Schedule and/or Custom List that you would like to work on. Click “confirm” to receive an email with your exported data.


2. Edit the Spreadsheet

Keep the ID numbers there so Builder knows what is existing data to update and what is new data to add. If you have new data to add, just start in the next row down.

Note: Deleting information from an exported spreadsheet DOES NOT delete that information from Builder.


3. Re-Import the Spreadsheet in Builder

Follow the steps to import your spreadsheet back into Builder.

Note: Please leave “replace duplicates” disabled. Builder will update your existing content using the ID numbers in the document!


Need help? Send us an email at Support@guidebook.com!

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