Overview of Activity History


Collaborating is a great way to efficiently build and edit a guide. However, at times it may be frustrating to keep tabs on changes made to a guide with multiple collaborators. Luckily, Activity History exists to track all changes made to your guides.

With the Activity History feature, guide collaborators can see easily the full history of their guides. Activity History provides collaborators with information on what changes have been made to a guide, who made the edits, and when the edits were created. This streamlined view provides full visibility and transparency into your guidebuilding history.

How to use the Activity Feed

Activity History is easy to use and view. To see the Activity History of all guides that you are collaborating on, simply log into Builder and tap on the "Activity" icon (the circular button with a sideways lightning bolt) in the header on the right. To see the activity of a a specific guide, click into the guide's dashboard. If you are the administrator of an organization and want to see all activity for your organization, you can go to the organization's dashboard to see activities for all of your guides.

Activity History also makes it easy to jump to recent changes. When you click directly on an edited or added item, you will be brought straight to that menu item page to see the change.

What's New

It's easy to stay up to date with all the latest Guidebook news! To learn about the latest Guidebook updates tap on the "What's New" tab of Activity History. When a red dot appears next to the "Activity" icon, this means there is a new update in "What's New" to check out!


1. Can I revert any changes from the feed?

Unfortunately, you are not able to restore changes made to guides. Activity History only displays a log of changes.


2. Can I turn off the Activity History?

No, Activity History cannot be turned off. You can condense each individual post, but the Activity History window will always be visible on particular pages.


3. How far back does the activity feed go?

The activity feed goes back to the guide's creation date. If a guide was created prior to the release of Activity History (May 11, 2016), the activity feed will only date back to May 11, 2016.



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