Metrics Part 3: Understanding Organization Metrics


This is Part III of our series on Guidebook metrics. For more information, read about guide metrics in Part I and organization (“org” ) metrics in Part IV. For insight on how to interpret your metrics, check out Metrics Part II: Interpreting Guide Metrics.

In this article, we will cover:

Where can I view my Organization Metrics?

Organization metrics can be viewed and exported from the metrics section of the Organization dashboard. By default, these metrics will be based on a two week time period. Make sure to adjust the date range in the top right corner of the page to the correct time period for the information you're seeking.

After we crunch some numbers, you'll see your metrics dashboard. The organization metrics dashboard is broken down into a single category: Insights. Within this category you'll see a number of different data points, generally with a  top level number highlighting a quick takeaway.



Organization Insights (Definitions)

Average Guide Session Duration (Max)
Measured in seconds and averaged across all of your guides, this is the the average length of time a user spends in your guide in seconds (per session) over time. The top level number will call out the highest average session duration over your selected date range.

Guide Downloads by OS
This is a simple breakdown of downloads by platform: iOS or Android.
Note: Due to a switch in the way that Guidebook collects metrics info, you may see “iPhone OS” listed along with iOS/Android downloads. Downloads listed as iPhone OS should be considered iOS downloads. Additionally, this is not an indication that an iPhone, rather than an iPad, performed the guide download.

Guide Downloads by Manufacturer
Here you'll be able to see which manufacturer the device reported to us.

Guide Downloads by Guide
This section will show you a breakdown of downloads per guide over time.

Guide Sessions
A “guide session” occurs each time a user opens up the guide on their mobile device. Here you'll see the total number of times this has occurred across all of your guides.

Guide Downloads
This section will tell you how many times all of your guides combined have been downloaded onto a device. Guide previews will count towards this number. Make sure to adjust your date range for an accurate measure.


Exporting Metrics
You'll be able to export your Organization metrics from the Metrics tab, on your Organization Dashboard. Make sure to adjust the date range so your export includes the data you need. There are two forms to choose from when exporting your data:

  1. A pre-generated graph: Saved in PNG, JPG, or PDF format.
  2. A spreadsheet with the raw numbers: Saved in CSV or XLSX format.

To export a spreadsheet containing raw metrics data, click on the "Export Data" option in the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the page. Next, select the metrics you're interested in. A CSV file will be emailed to you, containing all data for the selected category.


Note: It will not be possible to export all metrics in a single document. We'll send you a separate spreadsheet for each metric selected.

If you'd like to download a pre-generated graph, rather than creating your own, you'll be able to do that by clicking on the download button, located in the upper right corner of each metric section. You may also download a CSV or XLSX spreadsheet from the same location.



Explore the entire Metrics series to learn more. Still have questions? Reach out to us at

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