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Guidebook Builder's improved Photo Album feature is an excellent way for attendees to share photos, engage, and connect at your event! As an administrator of a guide, you will have full control over the content that gets added to your album. Read on to find out how to implement this feature into your guide, or how to navigate this feature as an end-user. 

  1. For Guide Creators: Adding Photos in Builder
  2. For Guide Creators: Enable/Disable user photo uploads
  3. For Guide Creators: Deleting Photos in Builder
  4. For Guide Creators: Exporting Photos
  5. For End-Users: Adding Photos in the App


1. For Guide Creators: Adding Photos in Builder

  • Log into Guidebook Builder, and select the guide you would like to edit.  Click on "Build Guide" to launch the guide editor.
  • In the Guide Canvas (phone view on your screen), click on the Photo Album to launch the photo editor overlay.  If your guide does not yet contain the Photo Album feature, you can add the Photo Album by clicking on "Add Feature" from the Action Menu on the left-hand side of the screen (or, by clicking the large plus sign symbol in the Phone View itself).

  • Once you've clicked into the Photo Album, you may choose to use our file uploader, or you may drag and drop photos into the main overlay screen. 

  • File Uploader Method:  Within the Photo Album, click 'Upload Photos' from the left-side of the overlay screen.  Choose your desired file(s). You may choose a single photo or multiple photos to upload. (Make sure that the photo dimensions are less than 1000 × 1000 pixels, and that the file type is either PNG or JPG)

  • Drag and Drop Method:  If you'd like to drag and drop a single image or multiple photos into your album, find your images on your computer, highlight the contents, and drag them to the Photo Album overlay screen.  The screen should update to show a "Drop Images Here to Upload" prompt.
  • Note: If you prefer your images to display in a certain order, then you will need to upload them in that designated order.


  • To add or edit a caption for your image, hover over the area just below the photos click the text Add a caption.

  •  Congratulations! You've now successfully added photos to your album.


2. For Guide Creators: Enabling/Disabling User Photo Uploads

By default, the Photo Album feature allows guide users to upload photos into the Photo Album for other users to see!  To toggle this feature between enabled and disabled, navigate to the Settings tab in the Photo Album.  In the middle of the page, find the toggle switch labeled "Allow user uploads".  Simply tap the switch to turn the feature on or off.  Enabling User Uploads is a fantastic way to spur engagement with your mobile guide; if you are worried about moderation, look to our deletion segment, below.

3. For Guide Creators: Deleting Photos

  • Open the Photo Album menu item in Builder. 
  • Click the X on the upper right-hand corner of the photo you want to remove from public sharing
  • Select 'Confirm Delete'
  • Guidebook offers automatic photo moderation within the app.  Photos will automatically be removed if they are flagged as "inappropriate" by 3 users 

4. For Guide Builders: Exporting Photos

In the 'Photo Album' menu item, select 'Export images to .zip file' to download all the photos in the album into a zip folder on your computer. Your photos will be emailed to you once the export is complete.


5. For End-Users: Adding Photos in the App

  • Select 'Add Photos' from the bottom of the screen (Note: if you do not see this as an option, it is possible your guide admin may not have enabled photo sharing).

  • Choose to either add an existing photo from your gallery or take a new one using your device's camera.  See the gif below (because the gif was generated from a simulator, it will lack the camera option):

  • Fill out the Photo Caption' (this is optional).

  • Select 'Post' to add your photo to the album.  (Note: As a user, you cannot delete any photos from the app; once you post your photo, it will remain in the album until the Guide creator removes the listing, or the photo gets reported as inappropriate)
  • You can 'like' photos by clicking the heart beneath an individual photo as well as see how many "likes" it has been given by other viewers.

  • Swipe right or left to quickly and easily view the album's photos. 






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