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Trying to increase user engagement with your new mobile guide? Fantastic! Social Media is an excellent way of doing so. You have the option to choose from our menu of currently existing modules (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) or the ability to customize your own with the addition of sites such as Instagram or LinkedIn (with Plus Plan and up).  Note:  All social media features will require internet connectivity to function properly.

  1. Add an existing Social Media module
  2. Create a new Social Media module
  3. Ensure social media is used at your event!


Add an existing Social Media module:

To begin, when you are in the Build Guide section, click on the ‘Add Features’ option from the top of the left-hand sidebar.  From the resulting feature overlay, please click “Add” below your desired module. 

From the resulting Feature menu, please click "Add" below your desired module. 


Add the Twitter module, and then click on the icon from the left-hand sidebar on your screen.  From here, you are able to add multiple Twitter accounts and hashtags to highlight in your guide. Please note that you do not need to include the "#" or "@" symbol when entering your hashtag(s) or handle account information.


Add the Facebook feature to your guide, and click into the feature from the left-hand sidebar on your screen.  When you are in the Details section of the Facebook overlay screen please copy your Facebook account url address (including the "http://"), and paste or type this into the existing field. 


Add the YouTube feature to your guide, and click on the icon from the left-hand sidebar on your screen.  From here, please input your YouTube account information into the designated field in the Details section of the YouTube overlay screen.  This module will create a portal where users can view videos in your specified YouTube account.


Create a new Social Media module (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc -- requires Plus Plan and above)

To set up non-standard Social Media features, we'll actually use our Webview Feature.  From the Build Guide section, first click on "Add Features" from the top of the left-hand sidebar on your screen.  From the resulting overlay, please click "Add" below the 'Web View' otpion.

Now that this module has been added to your guide, we need to customize the information to reflect the desired social media platform that you'd like to utilize.

Within the Details tab of the edit screen for the Web View menu item, please copy and paste (or enter) the web address url for your specific account (for example, "" will direct users to Guidebook's specific Instagram account).

Next, edit the information from the Settings tab. You can change the name to whatever you'd like; Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn will work, but these are not requirements so feel free to choose options similar to "Company Photos" for Instagram or "Follow Us!" for Twitter. 

Finally, you'll want to change the icon to match the social media platform we've just added; you can choose from our standard offerings or upload your own! We have included most mainstream social media icons to use at your disposal but should you require one that is not included you are welcome to email, and we will be happy to accommodate a custom icon request in just a few business days.  Please note: custom icons are a feature available only on the premium plan; we will only accommodate custom icon requests for non-standard social media webviews.


Want to ensure your social media is used at your event?

We're sure you do, so luckily we’ve written quite a bit on event social media! Here are some additional resources from our blog to inspire you, enjoy!

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  • Avatar
    Paul Tanton

    This article doesn't mention the Social Media module.

  • Avatar
    Jacob Wittenberg

    Hi Paul -- Guidebook supports varying Social Media options through the Web View feature, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube modules. Could you clarify where you're running into trouble? Our team would be more than happy to help get you set up with your Social Media needs! You're also more than welcome to send a ticket into, and we'll leap in.

  • Avatar
    Paul Tanton

    It turns out that the new Social Media module isn't a module, it's a folder with a fancy non-folder icon. This new Social Media folder should be mentioned in this article.

    Also, why would a template have a Social Media folder and the Twitter module, without the Twitter module inside the folder? That makes things rather confusing. I'd consider redesigning your templates.

    Thank you, Jacob.

  • Avatar
    Jacob Wittenberg

    Hi Paul -- Thanks for pointing this out; I'll have our team take a close look at our templates to see how we can improve. We're always looking to make our product more streamlined and intuitive, and I really appreciate your contributions here. Best of luck building your guide!

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