Pro Tip: Use HTML to Format Description Text


You can use some HTML tags to format the text in Description fields.

Available tags: <a href="">, <br/>, <em>, <ul>, <li>, <h1> through <h6>, <p>, <span>, <strong>, and <u>

In Builder, you can manually edit the HTML for a description field, or you can include HTML in your template spreadsheet when importing data.

Note: HTML is only available in Description fields.

Using HTML When Manually Typing a Description

In Builder, open your guide and click on your Schedule or any Custom List. Then click “New”, or click on any existing session / list item to open it. This will bring you to a screen where you can add/edit details.

To access the HTML viewer, click on the <> button in the toolbar above the description field. In the HTML viewer, you can use HTML tags to modify the description. 


Including HTML in a Template Import Spreadsheet

When you use a Schedule Template and/or a Custom List Template, you can include HTML formatting in the Description field for your sessions and/or list items. 


Click here for information on importing a Schedule Template.

Click here for information on importing a Custom List Template.

Common HTML Tags

Text Effects (Bold, Italics, Underline)

  • A <strong>bold</strong> explorer — A bold explorer
  • <em>A Book About Writing</em> — A Book About Writing
  • The <u>awesome</u> guide — The awesome guide



Email Address

Phone Number


Need more help? Check out an awesome HTML reference over at W3Schools.

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