Use Folders to Organize Your Content


Keep your guide clutter-free and easy to navigate with folders! Your users will appreciate a clean menu of clearly labeled items in your guide. 

In this article, we will cover:

How to Set Up a Folder In Your Guide

In Guidebook Builder, from the guide-building screen, click on "Add a new feature" in the top-left corner.

Scroll to find the Folder module. Click the “Add” button.

Click on the Folder to expand it (although it will be empty right now). Look for three small dots "..." and click on them. This will open Folder Settings.

Here you can change the name and icon of your folder. 


How to Add/Remove Menu Items In Your Folder

In Guidebook Builder, open your guide to the guide-building screen.

You will see your various menu items to the left-side of this screen.

Click on the Folder so the arrow points down, indicating it is open. If you don't have anything in your folder yet, it won't look too exciting! If you do have items in your folder, the menu will expand to show these menu items.

Simply click and drag menu items in/out of your folder. 

Note: You can put a folder inside of a folder! However, you cannot nest any further. This means you cannot have a folder in a folder in a folder, etc. If you do have a lot of of information to organize, consider using Custom Lists or multiple folders on the main menu itself.



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