Org Admin: Granting Members Access to New Guides


Through the Builder Home, Org Members can now easily view and request to all the available guides in your organization. We are excited about this new workflow and hope it will make the guidebuilding process easier for all of your org members!


For Org Members

As an org member, you will now be able to view all New Guides that belong to an organization. You don't have the ability to start using a guide, however you can now request access to a guide from your org admins. To do that, select the guide you'd like to work on.

An overlay will appear prompting you to include your proposed name for the guide, and your reason for using it. We encourage you to fill this out with some detail to increase your chances for approval.


Tip: don't know who your admins are? Their names/emails are located on the left-hand sidebar, so you can include a personal note to them pertaining to your request.

When you're finished completing the form, submit your request.

Once your request is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Click on the link to access your guide - you can get started building right away!

When you next log into Builder you will see the guide you requested under "Org Guides." It will be named whatever you requested in the access request (unless the org admin changed it).

If your request is denied, you will also get an email with a brief explanation. If you have further questions or want to appeal the rejection, please reach out to your admin.


For Org Admins

Your org members now have the ability to request access to guides from you. When a member requests guide access, you will be notified via email, as well as in the Builder Notification page. 

The request will include a proposed name for the guide, and a brief explanation.


You can deny or grant access to the guide from the Pending Tab of your org dashboard.


Tip: if you entered the Pending tab and don't see an access request anymore, that means another admin has already handled the request.

If you deny the request, you will be asked to provide a brief explanation to the requestor.


Once you have taken action, the member will be informed via email.

That's it! You can now let your org members enjoy guidebuilding.



1. Can I prevent specific org members from requesting access?

This is not currently possible. If you don't want a specific user to request access to guides, you should remove them from your org via the Members pane in the Org Dashboard.

2. Can I limit access approval to specific org admins?

This is not currently possible. If you don't want a specific admin to manage access requests, you should remove them from your org/downgrade them from admin to member via the Members pane in the Org Dashboard.

3. I don't know what I want to name my guide yet. Do I have to include one in the request?

You are required to fill in the field for your request, but don't worry, you can change the name anytime throughout the guidebuilding process until you publish. The name you supply in the request is only a suggestion.

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