How to Publish Updates (And See Them on Your Device!)


(Please note: this article is for users who have already published their guide. For assistance publishing for the first time click here)

Even when a guide is published, you can continue to make changes to the content of the guide right up to, during, and even after the event!

(Note: If you create a guide with a Start Date and an End Date (i.e., for an event), your guide will become inactive two weeks after the guide's End Date and you can no longer publish updates).

Making changes to the guide in builder and seeing them in effect on your device is a two part process:

  1. Publishing Updates - Once you make a change in your guide, you'll see a blue button on the right in builder, or on the left in the guide dashboard. You'll only see those buttons once you make a change.



  1. Viewing the App updates on your device - The guide will update under the following 3 circumstances:
  • Anytime the guid or app is opened after being closed
  • Every 5 minutes on it’s own
  • When you tap the arrows in the upper right when viewing the menu.

Good things come to those who wait, but if you want to see those changes on your device right now, take a closer look at option C!

**Note: After hitting the publish updates button on your computer, please wait 60 seconds before updating the app!**

Once you’ve waited 60 seconds, open the guide, tap the menu icon, and tap the circular arrows in the upper right.


When you’ve waited 60 seconds and tapped those circular arrows. You’ll see a message saying “checking for updates” and then “updates applied.”


Once you see “Update Complete” at the bottom of your screen the content will be updated on your device!



Q: I tapped the arrows after publishing the updates and I got the message “Up to date” but my content isn’t updated.

A: Make sure to wait the 60 seconds for the app to update before you tap the circular arrows. It takes a little time for the content to get from builder to your app.


Q: I’m not seeing the publish updates buttons, where is it?

A: If you’re not seeing the publish updates button(s), it’s because you have some action items you need to take care of before publishing. You’ll see a list on the right in builder that will show you the outstanding issues.


Another reason you wouldn’t see the “publish updates” button is because you haven’t made any updates yet! Go ahead and make a change to the guide and the button will appear!

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