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Guidebook Cover Pages are a best-in-class web offering designed to complement and drive downloads to your mobile guide. They provide a rich interactive experience while accurately displaying your guide’s published data.

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What’s In A Cover Page?

That’s up to you! Cover Pages are highly customizable and can display relevant information of your choosing. All Cover Pages will contain the guide’s General Information section, which includes your custom guide branding, the guide description, location, dates and more!

You can further customize your General Information section by adding in Cover Page-exclusive information (these details will only appear on the Cover Page) and a custom call-to-action button to direct your audience to your website.


Aside from the General Information, you have your choice of including Schedule Tracks…




…and any Custom Lists you have in your guide!




Lastly, at the bottom of every Cover Page, you will have a download section that makes it very easy for your attendees to download the mobile version of your guide!



How Do I Get A Cover Page For My Guide?

A Cover Page will be generated automatically for every guide. You can access it by clicking the Cover Page tile in your Guide Dashboard.



To view your completed Cover Page, copy the URL found on the Cover Page tile (above) or from within the Cover Pages configuration page, the link is located in the bottom left.



Building a Cover Page

  1. To get started, head to your guide dashboard and click the Cover Page tile. This will pull up the configuration screen where you will see your General Information and download section already populated in the Cover Page.

    By clicking on the General Information menu item, you can add in a custom "call-to-action" button that leads to your website and add some additional instructions or information that won’t appear in your guide.


  2. Start adding in your custom content! To add your Schedule Track to the Cover Page, click the Schedule option on the menu. Here you will have the opportunity to choose a specific Track you would like to highlight. Make sure to enable the Schedule and click Save!


  3. Add up to two Custom Lists to highlight speakers, exhibitors, events or anything you would like! You need to have at least one Custom List available in your guide to highlight.

    You can begin by clicking on a Custom List on the menu with a Setup Required status. Then choose the Custom List you want to display. There are a few different styles you can use for your Custom Lists, pick the one that fits your data the best!

    Make sure to enable the Custom List and click save!


  4. Review your Cover Page, take the opportunity to see how the Cover Page will appear on different devices by selecting between desktop, tablet and mobile displays at the top of the Configuration page. devices.png

  5. IMPORTANT: You must publish your Guide for the Cover Page changes to go live!  After you've published your guide, you can view your live Cover Page by visiting the URL listed in the Cover Page tile on the guide Dashboard; the Cover Page is also located at the bottom of the menu on the Configuration page.


  1. Why should I use a Cover Page?

    App adoption is central to the success of your guide and your event. Cover Pages give you the power and tools to maximize app downloads, showcase online content, and generate buzz for your guide!

  2. What if I don’t want to have a Cover Page?

    If you would like to disable your Cover Page and only offer your guide data on mobile devices, you can do so through the Cover Page settings located at the bottom left of the Cover Page Configuration page. You can toggle the Cover Page to be disabled from here, just make sure to save the change!

  3. How can my attendees find my Cover Page?

    When you invite a user to download your guide, they will receive an email with a link to the Cover Page. They’ll be able to see the content you chose to feature and will have multiple opportunities to download the mobile version of your guide.

  4. Does the Cover Page copy over if I use the Copy Content tool? 

    Yes! If you rely on the Copy Content tool to save time with your guide-building you will only have to create your Cover Page once. The Cover Page layout will transfer to another guide when you Çopy Content.

  5. I disable my guide's Schedule module and pin separate tracks to the menu. What if I want to display more than one track? 

    At this time, Cover Pages can either display your full Schedule module (if you don't select a specific track) or a single track. In this case, you could create a track specifically for your Cover Page which may include the key events that you want to highlight to attendees.

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