What does the Veeva integration do?

The integration with Veeva can help improve your team's productivity and provide valuable insights about your event attendees. In just a few steps, your team can:

  1. Import event data from Veeva Events Management into Guidebook Builder
  2. Export user metrics from a guide into Veeva CRM 


Why is the Veeva Integration useful?

The content sync integration eliminates the need to enter the same information twice into Veeva Events Management and Guidebook Builder. Using Content Sync, the integration will import:


  • Attendees
  • Speakers
  • Presentation Material 
  • Sessions


The metrics export integration allows metrics to be exported seamlessly into the Veeva CRM. This means event organizers or brand managers can provide their teams with valuable insight to drive outcomes with healthcare providers (HCPs). It helps identify engaged event attendees and provide necessary context for efficient and effective follows ups after the event. Using metrics export, the integration will notify and inform users about the following: 


  • Sessions attended by event attendees
  • To-do items saved by event attendees


How do I set up the Veeva integration?

To get started, you'll need a Veeva account.  Next, you should navigate to the Integrations portal in Builder and click on either the Metrics Export tab or Content Sync tab to kick the process off.


The following is a Content Sync example...


 Select the blue Set Up button:




Enter the required information:



The status will change to Connected once complete:





  • How much does it cost?
    • This Veeva Integration is available for all Premium level guides at no additional cost during early access. If you'd like to get started, please contact us at
  • How do you ensure end user privacy?
    • Guidebook is GDPR compliant will respect the attendee's privacy settings in the app on a guide-by-guide basis. This means we will not export metrics to Veeva about this user unless the user has given permission. 
  • Where exactly will attendee metrics show up within Veeva CRM?
    • Attendee metrics will appear in an account's timeline view found both on the desktop and iPad. It will also appear in Multichannel activity modules within the account details page. 
  • How do I find my Event ID in Veeva Event Management?
  • How long will the 'Pending' status last for Content Sync?
    • The Pending status will change to either Connected or Sync Error within 5 to 10 minutes depending on the amount of data you plan to import from Veeva.
  • How often will the content sync occur?
    • The sync is a one-time sync. If you need to upload more data from Veeva into Builder then simply select 'manual sync' in the dropdown found in the integrations tab for veeva. 
  • How long will the 'Setting Up' status last for metrics export?
    • The Setting Up status will change to either Active or Export Error depending on the first activity after turning on the Integration.
      • For example, if you activate the Veeva metrics export on a guide, but that guide has no users (and therefore no metrics activity) it will stay in the Setting Up state until someone uses the guide and the first activity is exported to Salesforce.
  • How often will the metrics export occur?
    • After the first activity, we will batch export any future activities every 30 minutes to limit the amount of calls we make to your Veeva instance.
  • If I delete information in Veeva Event Management and then manually content sync again will that delete the information in Builder?
    • No, we will never delete your content through this integration. However, if you update content in Veeva Event Management and re-sync, then the information will be updated in Builder.
  • My presentation material is not syncing into Builder. Why is that?
    • The presentation material must be in PDF format and under 5MB.
  • I synced my sessions, but the times are off. Why did that happen?
    • Timezones in Veeva are not dependent on the event's venue location, but rather the end user's timezone in Veeva who created the event's sessions. All session timestamps reflect those of the user who created them. 
    • If you have a large amount of events imported through this integration and they are incorrect, then contact guidebook support for assistance. 
  • What other integrations do you plan on offering?


For advanced questions/concerns, please reach out to and our team will be happy to assist!

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