Feature Settings


Every feature has a settings tab that will allow you to make basic changes like updating the title, changing the icon, or deleting the feature.

How do I access a features settings:

For most features, click on the menu item, and then click the "Settings" tab:


For Folders, make sure the folder is expanded or open by clicking the arrow. Then click the "..." icon: 


From the Settings tab, you can :

  • Change the feature title
  • Update the Icon — This support article goes into more detail on this process
  • Enable or Disable the feature — A disabled feature still lives in the guide, but it is hidden from users. This is a great way to keep a feature hidden while you make updates. Enableit when you're ready to reveal the contents.
  • Set the feature as the home screen item — When set as the home screen, this feature will be the first thing your users see the first time they open the guide.  You can set a new feature as the home screen by activating this toggle in that feature's Settings tab.
  • Delete the feature — This will remove the feature from the navigation menu. The contents will be lost. Please ensure you no longer need the data within the feature. You can always add features back from the “+Add a feature option”

Note: Some features like Interact, Schedule, and Maps have specific settings that only apply to that type of feature. For example, the Schedule feature has an option to delete all sessions. Pinned menu items (pinned custom lists or pinned sessions) have an option to unpin the item from home without deleting the contents. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to Support!

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