Metered Guides: Introduction and FAQs


What is a Metered Guide?

A Metered Guide is flexible plan option, designed with smaller audiences in mind. You’ll have access to great features and will only pay once per unique device. On top of that, there won’t be any charge for the first five devices—allowing you to build and try out a fully-featured Guide at no cost.

While a Metered Guide Plan and Flat Rate Guide Plan both have access to the same features, the Flat Rate Guide Plan pairs you with one of our award-winning Account Managers and grants you phone and live-chat access to our top-of-class Support team.

You can find more information on the differences between Flat Rate and Metered Guides on our feature comparison page, and a handy cost calculator on our pricing page.

Most Popular Questions

  • How much does this cost? Your first five devices are free. After that, just $5/£4 per device!
  • Can I set a device limit? No, but you can utilize guide privacy tools to restrict and manage access. If you are concerned about your total cost, you may want to consider speaking with our team about a Flat Rate plan, which includes an unlimited number of devices, for a fixed price.

Technical Questions

  • Do multiple downloads on a single device count? Nope, the charge is per device.
  • Where do I view devices? From the lower left-hand corner of your Guide's Dashboard and also from your Org Dashboard.
  • Where can I view my invoices and receipts? From your Org Dashboard.
  • Do web views or previews count? Nope!
  • What if I download the guide on my iPad and iPhone?  That counts as two devices.
  • Can I set a cap on devices? No, but you can utilize guide privacy tools to help manage this. If you are concerned about your total cost, you may want to consider speaking with our team about a Flat Rate plan, which includes an unlimited number of devices, for a fixed price.
  • After the event ends, can I prevent further downloads/charges? Yes! From your Guide Dashboard, go to the Advanced Tools drop-down, then select Terminate Service. This is irreversible and will prevent publishing new updates to the guide. Users who have downloaded the guide will still have access to the content but there will be no updates. A final bill will be sent at the end of the month (the first week of the following month). 
  • How frequently will the device count in my dashboard update?  Once per day.
  • Should I delete my guide to prevent users from downloading it? No, use the Terminate Service option instead. If you don't delete the guide you can use the Copy Content tool for the next event to save time! 
  • Where do I go for help? Metered Guide users have access to our support database and our award-winning support team via
  • How am I supported?  The Metered Guide plan is designed to be a self-service product. However, sometimes customers need a little more support. That’s why Metered Guide clients have access to our award-winning support team via email ( If you’re interested in having additional support resources available to you (for access to our Account Management team and phone support or live chat), you’ll want to purchase a Flat Rate plan, by speaking with our team.

Pricing Questions

  • Do I need to pick a plan level before I can publish? Yes
  • Can I upgrade my existing Standard guide? Yes, you can do this from the guide’s dashboard.
  • Can I downgrade my existing Plus or Premium guide to the Metered Plan? No, but you can use a metered guide in the future.
  • Are the first five devices really free? Yep!
  • Will I be charged for the same devices month after month? No, you’ll only be charged for new devices.
  • What if I upgrade my Standard guide that is already published and already has downloads? The first five devices that access your guide after the upgrade will still be free!
  • How much does this cost? $5/£4 per device (first five devices are free) depending on your location.
  • How do I purchase? You can upgrade easily from your guide’s dashboard, click here to view our article on purchasing your metered guide.
  • How often am I billed? Monthly
  • Can I upgrade a Metered Guide to a Flat Rate (Plus or Premium) Guide? No.
  • Can I downgrade a Flat Rate, Plus or Premium Guide to the Metered Guide Plan? No.
  • How much can I be charged? You will be charged for each new device download at a rate of $5/£4 per device. If you are concerned about being charged on a per device plan, you will want to consider purchasing a Flat Rate plan, which includes unlimited devices for a fixed price. Our product team would be happy to explain the full benefits of Flat Rate plans, which not only include unlimited downloads, but also access to our award winning Account Management team, additional app branding, and much more. Directly request a conversation.
  • Is the Metered Guide plan right for me? You'll probably want to strike a balance between cost and support/account management service required.  We'd be happy to help you find the plan that suits your needs, please contact us.

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