How To Purchase A Metered Guide


Purchasing a Metered Guide is quick and easy! Simply create a new guide in our system (or choose the guide you're currently building) and upgrade via the guide dashboard.

As easy as it is to purchase, it’s also important to us that you secure a plan level that fits your needs.  With this in mind, let’s take a brief look at what we get (and what we don’t get) with this exciting new plan level!

Included in the Metered Guide Plan Level

  • $5/£4 per device (no charge for the first five devices)
  • Email access to our award winning support team
  • Monthly usage billing

Overall, self service is at the core of our Metered Guide plan offering. If you’re a guide-building rockstar that’s comfortable being supported by our team via email only, then this plan may be right up your alley!

Not Included in the Metered Guide Plan Level

  • Phone access to our award winning support team
  • Live Chat access to our award winning support team
  • Phone/email access to our dedicated Account Management team
  • Bulk (or otherwise discounted) pricing options

If you love what you see in this column, then you’ll want to speak with our sales team to chat through our Flat Rate plan options!

If you’re on the fence and simply not sure which plan is right for you, then we’d love to chat! Please speak directly with our product experts, they can help find a plan that fits your needs. 

Getting Started

Step 1: Activate!


Step 2: Select A Plan


Step 3: Billing Details


Step 4: Success!


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