Introducing Metered Guides


As of February 16, 2018, Standard Guides are on the road to a graceful retirement, and we’re ushering in a new plan level that maximizes feature offerings for our smaller budget customers (while keeping costs incredibly low)!

Out with the old

Previously, Standard Guides allowed for 200 downloads on a very feature limited guide. Over the past few years, we began to realize that this service level wasn’t supporting the needs of our small budget customers. Sure, it was free, but the feature restrictions and download limits were massive roadblocks for our small budget champions…we want to do better, and deliver more value!

In with the new!

As of February 16, 2018, the new self service Metered Guide plan will offer full access to all of our Premium features! On top of that, and to offer a grateful nod to our departing Standard Plan, the first five devices that access your guide won't cost a penny. Each additional device that accesses your guide will be just $5 per device.

Is this plan right for me?

If your ambitions are high, your budget is small and you’re comfortable enough in Builder to self serve, then the answer is yes! This plan level is structured to help maximize self service. You’ll have access to our support database and our award winning support team via email, though please note that live chat and phone support are part of our Flat Rate plan levels (more on this towards the bottom).

Curious to see some numbers?

Let’s examine the cost and value return for this new plan level.


  1. 50 Devices
    • First five devices at no charge
    • 45 Billable Downloads
    • $225 Total Cost 
  2. 100 Devices
    • First five devices at no charge
    • 95 Billable Downloads
    • $475 Total Cost
  3. 250 Devices
    • First five devices at no charge
    • 245 Billable Downloads
    • $1,225 Total Cost


(yes, you get all of this!)

  • Push notifications: send messages to all or specified users
  • Sponsorship opportunities: banners and promoted posts
  • Advanced schedules: multi-track and preset individual schedules
  • Interactive mapping
  • Session attendance tracking
  • Advanced User and Group Management: access control (whitelist) and group notification segmentation
  • Live polls
  • Collaboration center: allow external contributors to add content
  • Interact: personalized feed of social posts and app content
  • Private messaging
  • Surveys
  • Web links: connect to websites, videos, and registration systems
  • Document library: host presentations, reading materials, PDFs, and more
  • Mobile Admin: send messages and schedule updates right from your phone
  • Limited Access to our award-winning support team, which only includes email support. Please note, live chat and phone support via our Customer Success or Account Management teams is strictly reserved for clients that are paying for Flat Rate plans. If you are interested in discussing these benefits, please contact our consulting team, to help you decide which plan best fits your needs.

At the end of the day, we’re striving to deliver as much value as we can for you, at a price point that fits your budget. We invite you to dive back in and start building for your next event, there’s so much more for you to see in Builder!

Have more Metered Guide related questions?

View our full Metered Guide FAQ article by clicking here.

What about the other (Premium) Plan?

Think of this as our Flat Rate plan. This plan is perfect for clients that are interested in having:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • The need to pay once per year
  • Bulk pricing discounts
  • Multi-year discounts
  • Larger audience sizes

Flat Rate plans require an up front investment of $3,500 (per guide and per year) to access all premium features and all verticals of support or account management within Guidebook.  

What will happen to my Standard Guide?

If you started working on a Standard (free) guide prior to February 16, 2018, or your guide is already published, you can continue to enjoy the free version through August 15, 2018. The guides will remain limited in features, and restricted to no more than 200 downloads, but you will be able to continue unimpaired. After August 15, 2018, you will be required to upgrade your guide in order to move forward.

If you upgrade to a Metered Guide, you will not be billed until your guide sees more than five unique devices (so, if you’re building a guide for a very small group of friends, you could end up with a free, fully featured, guide!). From there, you’ll be billed each month for any new devices that access your guide — each device will cost $5.

How can you offer a premium guide for free, or very cheap?

We believe that Guidebook provides a solution to a diverse problem set, and we want to make sure that our customers can take advantage of our offering, with flexibility in budget. We’ve also invested considerably in making our platform intuitive and easy-to-use. The Metered Guide solution is built as a self-service product — unlike our flat rate plan options, clients on Metered Guides do not receive a dedicated Account Manager nor the ability to interact with our support team via phone or live chat.

Our flat rate plan options do have a number of benefits over the Metered Guide option, so if you're concerned about the Metered Guide being the right plan, be sure to contact our sales team at or by requesting a demonstration of the product.

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