Pro-Tip: Adding List Items to Multiple Custom Lists (One-to-Many)


The One-to-Many feature allows you to add one list item to multiple custom lists, without having to duplicate any work. 

For example, you may want to include Exhibitors and Sponsors in your guide. Some of your Sponsors, however, may also have booths in the Exhibit Hall. Instead of having two separate lists where you have to maintain updated content in two different places, use the One-to-Many feature! 

Just create one list item, and then include that data in multiple lists. When you edit it, all instances of the information gets updated all at once.


Watch this video and/or follow the written instructions below.

Prepare Your Data

In your guide in Builder, you will need to create two Custom Lists.

Let's say List A is Sponsors and List B is Exhibitors.

Add all of your Sponsors to List A.

Then, when it comes to List B, add the Exhibitors who are truly Exhibitors only. Don't add the Exhibitors that are Sponsors too! 

When you're ready, open your Exhibitors list again. 

How to Add List Items to Multiple Lists 


  1. Click add a New custom list item.
  2. Under the Name field, click "attach an existing item from another list".
  3. In the search bar that appears, start typing in the name of an existing list item (in this case, a Sponsor) that also needs to appear in this Exhibitors list. 
  4. Select that item.

Repeat steps 1-4 for the various list items you need to include from List A into List B. 



If you edit a list item, those changes will be reflected in all instances of that list item. So if you change something in List A, it will also be changed in List B. 

If you delete a list item from the original, source list, all instances of that item will be removed from the guide.

If you remove a list item from a destination list (not the original instance of the item), it will be removed without affecting the original data. 

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