Pro-Tip: Creating a PDF Document Library in your guide


Creating a document library with Guidebook is easy. You can link those documents to other parts of your guide easily too -- to sessions in your schedule or as custom list items in other types of guides.  That way, you can avoid the hassle of finding and uploading the same PDF document into Builder for each of those sessions or list items. 

First off, those documents must be in PDF format. They should also be under 5 MB in size each. We recommend that you limit the number of documents in any single guide to no more than 20 MBs of PDFs total. If you need a larger document library, we suggest linking to an external repository using a web link. More on that here.

Please Note: PDF Linking is available on the paid Plus, Premium, and Branded plans only.


 To create a PDF Document Library:

First please add a custom list to your guide. You can name this guide "Presentations", "Resources", or a title that best fits. 

Then, click "add new" or use the custom list template importer to add items to this list. The items in this list will probably be the names of the presentations/resources you want to provide here.



After creating an item, click to open it in the list. A "Links" tab will now appear. Click the "Links" tab and then click the "PDF" button. 

You can either click "Select PDF" to choose the file from your computer, or you can provide a PDF URL (a web link ending in .pdf) for the file. In this case, we recommend hosting the PDFs online and providing PDF URLs, so the guide file does not become too large with the addition of numerous PDFs!

For more details on including PDFs in your guide, please click here. 

After linking the PDF file(s) to your list items in this Document Library, you are now ready to link these PDFs to various event sessions and other lists in your guide without having to re-upload the PDF each time! 

From the Links tab, just start typing in the name of a schedule session or the name of another list item (a Presenter, perhaps) to link to it. For more details on linking, please click here.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our award-winning Support team at!


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