Interactive Maps: Location Linking


With Interactive Maps, you can link a schedule session or list item to a map image in your guide.

This means users can tap on the room assignment for a session, and Guidebook will take the user to the corresponding area on the floorplan! 

Watch this video and/or follow the written instructions below.

Before Getting Started

You will need a few things before making your maps interactive.

  1. First, upload your schedule and/or list information with the locations assigned.
  2. Then, upload the static map image(s) into your Maps module in Builder.

Making Your Maps Interactive

  1. Click on the Maps module in your guide and then click on the map image you want to edit. Note: You can navigate around the map image by clicking & dragging or zooming in/out.

  2. Click the “Add a new Region” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, or press the “a” key on your keyboard. Your mouse cursor will change into crosshairs. 

  3. Click and drag to create a rectangular region on the map image corresponding to a room or area you would like to label.

  4. After drawing the region, you can now click on it to label it. A drop-down menu will appear with various locations from your schedule / custom lists in the guide. You can also type into this box and create a new location label. Be sure to click “Update” to save!

  5. When you finish creating and labeling regions, click “Close” to exit the map editor window


Editing Your Regions

You can click on an existing region to change the label. Just choose a new label from the drop-down menu or delete the current label to type in a new one.

If you need to resize or move an existing region on your map image, just click the “Edit Regions” button in the bottom-left, or press the “e” key on your keyboard.



To resize an existing region, click on one of the small white boxes in the corners and drag to resize.

To move an existing region, click on the white circle in the middle of the region and drag to move it.

Don’t forget to press “e” or click “stop editing regions” to save your changes! Then click “close” to exist the map editor window.

Note: This article provides a recommend order to the process. We recommend inputting your schedule / lists with locations assigned before working on your maps. However, you can create & label regions on the map before assigning those locations to a schedule or list if you would like. Just make sure all locations are spelled correctly and match exactly for the link to occur!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at We are always happy to help!

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