Pro Tip: How to Create a Google Map With Multiple Pins


By default, the Google Maps feature allows users to search for and display a pin for google mapped locations in your guide.  While this tool can be useful for your users, you can often provide more value by configuring your map to display all pins at once.  This article will walk you through the short steps to start delivering greater resources to your end users!

1. Create Google Map locations in a Custom List

For starters, you will need at least one Custom List. You can check out Adding Items to a Custom List for more information on setting up a custom list. Once the list(s) is created, you'll want to ensure that the locations are Google Map locations rather than labels. When creating a new location within a Custom List you will be prompted to select the type of location. From the drop down menu select "Google Map" then enter the address of the desired location! 


2. Add the Google Map Module and Change the Settings

Once you have added in all your locations within your custom list, you will want to add the Google Map module to your guide! After adding the feature, go to the settings tab of the module. You will then see the option to "Show all locations". Toggle the button on! 


After saving and publishing updates you will be able to see the Google Map with the pins in your Guide while using your mobile device!

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