Guide Tagging: Manage your dashboard more effectively


When you start building multiple guides, it can sometimes be tricky to organize your dashboard. This is especially true for organizations and org admins that are producing guides on a weekly or monthly basis.

To help you stay organized and effective, we now have guide tagging and filtering for your dashboards. 


Adding tags to your guide

1. From your dashboard, hover over the guide you want to tag and click the "Add" tag in the upper left. 

2. Add keywords (tags) that you'd like to use to find this guide later on. Use commas to separate them.

3. Don't forget to hit save!



Filtering using tags

1. Click on the search bar in the upper-right corner of your dashboard that says "Search by name or tag."

2. Type in the tag you would like to search for and hit enter.



Improved sort and search

We've also added in more ways of searching for relevant guides:

1. Sort guides by Newest, Oldest, Event Date, Publish Date, the Guides that are Active or Inactive, and the Guide name.  

2. Search using keywords or guide names in the search bar in the upper right.


We hope these improved tools help you manage your dashboard more effectively. Happy building!

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