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1. What is Interact?

2. For Guide Builders

3. Card Types

1. What is Interact?

Interact is a curated feed of relevant content, timely discussions, and interactive networking, to increase engagement and ensure that all parties - guide builders to users - get the most out of your mobile app! All you need to do is add the Interact feature in your guide, then end-users can share/view various updates in real time at the event. Interact displays content through 5 different types of cards which will be covered in the last segment of this article.  Interact is a highly clickable feature -- we've added a lot of gifs to this article to show you exactly how everything will render.

Note: Interact is a paid feature starting at the Plus plan. Please contact if you have any questions! 


2. For Guide Builders

To add the Interact feature to your guide, select Add Features from Build Guide in your dashboard:


Click on Home to open the Interact feed admin window. You will see four tabs - Comments, Blocked Users, Sponsors, and Settings. 


This tab allows you to edit all user posts in the current feed. You can remove any individual post, delete all of a particular user's posts, or block the user:


You can also click in the checkbox to select multiple posts, then delete those:


You can monitor the number of times a post has been reported, and you can click on Show to view subcomments as well:

Blocked Users

The Blocked Users Tab will show you which users have been blocked from posting, and will show the date and time they were blocked. Simply click the Unblock button  to allow them to post again.



In this tab, you can add new Sponsor Cards and edit/delete existing Sponsor Cards. 

Each Sponsor Card will require the sponsor name and avatar (small logo), as well as description text. The sponsor name can be no longer than 255 characters (including spaces), and the description text can be no longer than 255 characters (including spaces). 

You can choose to add a larger, card image and a URL to the sponsor's website, if you'd like.

Image Dimensions:

  • Sponsor Avatar: 180px wide, 180px tall .jpg or .png
  • Card Image: 650px, 450px tall .jpg or .png

Also, you can schedule the Sponsor Card to appear at a certain time! For example, you might want a specific Sponsor Card to appear right before a specific schedule session or when users first arrive on-site for your event.



This tab is present in each Builder menu item, but in Home you can make it so that this feature is the first page your users see. You can also disable all users posts from here:





3. Card Types

Content in Home is presented to users via cards - the 5 different types include User Posts, Sessions, Photos, Announcements, and Recent Check-ins. 

Note: Interact is a curated feed of user-relevant content, so guide builders will not be able to choose when/where these cards show up.

However, if you disable certain modules in your guide, the corresponding cards will NOT appear.

For example: If you disable the Photo Album module, you will not see any Photos cards in the Interact feed. If you disable the Schedule module, you will not see any Sessions cards in the Interact feed.


Now let's take a look at each card type:

User Posts

This card type is a simple post to the feed from someone using your guide! All the user needs to do is select Create Post to share updates at the event:



Other users can like and comment on that post, and report it if they deem it inappropriate. It's important to note that users must be logged in to post to the feed.



Certain sessions will appear in the Home feed based on popularity, whether the session is happening soon, or if there is limited space in the session. Users can tap on these sessions to view more information, or even add it to their personal schedule:



Popular photos that have been added to your guide's photo album will also appear in Home! Tapping on View All Photos takes the user to the album, and users can also post their own pictures directly from the feed:



Notifications are a great way to engage users at your event - with Home, your users will be able to see your notifications within the curated feed! Announcements/notifications will only be created by you, the guide builder, but they function exactly like user posts:


Recent Check-ins

This card shows users that have recently checked in to the guide, making networking at your event easier than ever! You can also view all checked-in attendees from here and check yourself in to the guide:




This is a great way to increase visibility for your sponsors! You can choose to include a larger, card image in addition to the sponsor avatar (small logo). You can also send folks to a website when they click on the sponsor card.




If you have any questions about Interact, please send an email to!

Want to request a demo? Check out Interact here or contact!


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  • Avatar
    Terry Blumenstein

    Questing about reporting comment. I don't see a 'report' button on a comment. I see the Like, Comment for the three dots to add a comment. How does a user REPORT a comment.

  • Avatar
    Patrick Tettmar

    Good question- thanks for asking :)

    You can report a comment in Interact by tapping on the text of the comment on iOS/Android. This will give you two main options: report and copy. Hit "report" and voila!

  • Avatar
    Terry Blumenstein

    Nope, does not work. Just tried it.

  • Avatar
    Patrick Tettmar

    Hey Terry, I'm going to make a support ticket for you so that we diagnose what is happening here. See you on the other side!

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