Interact: Increase Engagement with Dynamic User Content


Interact is a lively, curated feed for discussions, networking, announcements, sponsored posts, image-sharing, and more.


We recommend making Interact the “home” menu item of your guide so your users have access to great dialogue and specific content as easily as possible!

There are a few different components, or “cards”, in Interact.

  • User Posts
  • Schedule Sessions
  • Photos
  • Recent Check-Ins
  • Announcements
  • Sponsored Posts

Click here to learn more about these different Interact “cards” and see what they look like for the end-user.

Click here to learn more about managing Interact as the guide-builder.  

Please note that Interact is available to Plus and Premium plan-holders. 

If you have any questions, click the links above to explore more details about Interact. Otherwise, contact your Account Manager or the Support team at


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  • Avatar
    Terry Blumenstein

    Questing about reporting comment. I don't see a 'report' button on a comment. I see the Like, Comment for the three dots to add a comment. How does a user REPORT a comment.

  • Avatar
    Patrick Tettmar

    Good question- thanks for asking :)

    You can report a comment in Interact by tapping on the text of the comment on iOS/Android. This will give you two main options: report and copy. Hit "report" and voila!

  • Avatar
    Terry Blumenstein

    Nope, does not work. Just tried it.

  • Avatar
    Patrick Tettmar

    Hey Terry, I'm going to make a support ticket for you so that we diagnose what is happening here. See you on the other side!

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