Group Notifications: Send Push Notifications to a Targeted User Group


With Group Notifications, you can quickly and easily send relevant updates to specific groups of attendees at your event! Whether you need to get in touch with your exhibitors to remind them of setup time or you want to remind the people attending a particular session of a room change, you can use Group Notifications to customize the audience of that message. Let's explore the three different ways you can target specific audience members:

Note: This feature is available on Premium and Branded plans only. A group notification counts toward your 15 push notification limit. 

Attendees of Specific Sessions

Selecting this option gives you the ability to choose sessions from your schedule and send out a message specifically for those who are attending. Simply click on a session from the drop-down menu or search to add the session the group notification list! The user must be logged-in to a User Account and signed up for that session in order to receive the notification.


Attendees Within a Preset Schedule

When you select this option, you can enter the name of a Preset Schedule to notify every user listed in that particular schedule you created. This requires the recipient of the group notification to be signed in to his or her Guidebook account.


Attendees with Specific Emails

This last option allows you to enter email addresses so you can send out a push message specifically for listed users! You can paste in the list as well, just make sure the addresses are separated by commas. There is a limit of 100 emails per push notification here - please contact support if you run into any issues. As is the case with the previous two, the recipient must be signed in to his or her Guidebook account to receive the notification.






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