Pro Tip: Navigate Builder Speedily Using Quick Search


At Guidebook, we want to make guidebuilding as easy and speedy as possible.  Because a guide can contain vast content, and our system hosts granular sections to review and build your guide (Metrics, Polls & Surveys, Notifications, etc.), one can spend extra time clicking between sections -- this is less than ideal.  To help save extraneous clicks and lost time in navigation, we've included a "Quick Search" feature!

Using Quick Search is easy:

1) Click into one of your guides

2) Type the "t" key to bring up the quick search toolbar.

3) Enter your search term into the toolbar, and click on your desired option!

You're done!  You can search for specific custom list items, features, schedules, sessions, and even areas of your guide (Metrics, Surveys, and much more).  We hope that this will lend to an improved guidebuilding experience! 


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