Pro Tip: Using Surveys for Speaker Q&A


Engage yours users with Speaker Q&A via the mobile app! Users can submit questions through the app, and your moderator or the speaker can choose which questions to answer in real-time. You can also gather questions ahead of time and present them for Q&A later. 

Follow this Support article or download the "UsingSurveyForQ&A.pdf" attachment at the bottom of this page for help!

1. Create a Survey

To set up a survey for Q&A, follow the steps linked here. You will need to create a survey and link it to your sessions and/or the main menu of your guide. 

Your question prompts should probably include a paragraph-type, where your users have space to type in their questions for the speaker.

You may also want to include a prompt for the users' names and email addresses, so you can follow up with them as needed.

2. Confirm Settings

After creating your survey, visit the Summary screen of the survey to check on some options. 

For "User Permissions", select to "Allow Multiple Submissions". This will allow users to submit more than question, and you will need this enabled if you link your Speaker Q&A form to many sessions. 


There is a "Send Email Reports To" field. Add the email address(es) of the moderator and/or speaker who will be reviewing the submitted questions.

The survey responses will be visible in the "Response" tab here in Builder. However, anyone who receives the emails will also see the users' questions directly in that email -- they won't have to sign into Builder to vet questions!


If you need additional assistance, please reach out to us at

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