Guidebook Terminology: Guides vs Apps


Guides vs. Apps: A Breakdown of the Difference

Here at Guidebook, we use the terms guide and app quite often, but they are not interchangeable! Whether you are a free user with a standard guide or you're a customer with your own branded app, it’s helpful for you and your users to be using the proper terminology when referring to these different aspects of our product.

Guide: This is what you are creating on the Builder. Your guide is event-specific and is either hosted on the Guidebook app or on a Guidebook-built Branded App. 

Guidebook app: Our app hosts all Standard, Plus, and Premium guides. If you are on a Standard, Plus, or Premium plan, your users will download the Guidebook app to then search for and download your guide. 

Branded app: A Branded App is built and powered by Guidebook, and is downloaded from your device's app store (ie, iTunes store, Google Play Store, Amazon, Blackberry) just like any other app on your device. Your app is complete with a company or organization’s logos and branding and hosts one or more guides on the inside.

Essentially, you can think of the the Guidebook or Branded app as a home to one or more guides that you make on the Builder.


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