In-App Messaging: Chat With Colleagues



1. Introduction

2. For Guide Creators

3. For Guide Users

4. Features

1. Introduction

For Plus, Premium, and Branded plans, we're pleased to announce the Private Messaging feature!  With Private Messaging, your guide users need only create a user account, check-in to your guide, and they'll be able to send messages to any other attendee who've checked into the guide (much like sending a text to a friend in your phone).  We hope this feature will optimize user engagement and add a fun element to networking.  This support article will outline how to set up the messaging feature as a guide creator, as well as detailing how end users can successfully use the feature.

Note: Internet is required for the messaging feature.  Private Messaging is completely distinct from Notifications and Inbox messages.

 2. For Guide Creators

Configuring your guide for Private Messaging is easy - it just takes two steps (and, it's completely optional):

1) Add the Attendees Module to your guide (this is a prerequisite for the messaging module).  To do so, select Add Features from the Action Menu, then choose Attendees. It will appear in your Guide Canvas (the phone view on your screen), where you can rename and arrange it accordingly.

2)  Add the Private Messaging feature to your guide (following the same steps as above).

That's it!  Your guide users will now be able to use the messaging feature.  Please note that this feature is available only on paid plans (plus and above).  This feature is also not supported on Guidebook Web.

3. For Guide Users

Private Messaging is a great way to network with your fellow guide users.  To start sending messages, you'll need to follow these four easy steps (a guide must have messages enabled for you to use the feature):

1) Ensure your phone is on a Wifi or Data connection.

2) Create a User Account or log into your existing user account.

3) Check into the attendees portion of the guide.

4) Start sending messages in one of two ways:

  • Click on the Attendees Feature (where you checked in): From here, you may tap on any other checked-in guide user to pull up their profile.  Click on the message icon below their name to send a message.
  • Click on the Messages Feature:  Here, you may send a new message to any other guide user (even if you haven't connected with them, yet).

Within a Guide, the Private Messages module will show you all of your interactions with others on that particular guide.  Click on your profile from the top right of the app to view all of your messages throughout the entire Guidebook app.  When you receive a message, a red badge will appear next to your profile, and you'll receive a push notification.

4. Features

  • In-app one-to-one messaging (when on Wifi/Data) with any other checked-in guide user.  This is not an SMS, so you will not be charged for sending messages; data rates may apply, as you use data to message.
  • Send photos and your location (location is available only on iOS).
  • View read receipts and time stamps
  • Block abusive messagers - tap on the Private Messages module or navigate to your profile --> messages, and swipe right to block any user.  Blocked users may still message you, but none of their messages will appear in your app (see the gif below):

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