Pro Tip: Create One Survey for all of your sessions


Understanding and gauging feedback is a necessity in business.  Entire companies exist and revolve around tracking metrics and handling survey data.  Guidebook, too, has built Survey Tools to help bring guide feedback directly to your fingertips.  This article will share some pro tips to set up your guide to successfully gather insight on the success of your sessions, without the hassle of creating new surveys for each session.

The common dilemma:  "Our guide has hundreds of sessions, all of which we want to collect feedback. How can we easily set up surveys which can be analyzed per session? Do we need hundreds of surveys?"

The answer (and purpose of this article): In under 5 minutes, you can create one session survey, and link this survey to all of your sessions.  Guidebook's reporting system intelligently identifies the source of feedback, so you will not need a new survey for each session.

What you'll need:

  1. A Plus Plan Subscription (or greater).
  2. An existing schedule within Guidebook Builder.
  3. Guidebook's Session Linking Template.
  4. A spreadsheet editor (like MS Excel, LibreOffice, or Apache OpenOffice).
  5. An existing survey within Guidebook Builder.
  6. Five minutes of time!

Note: Make sure your survey is set up to "allow multiple submissions"!

The recipe for success:

  1. Export your Schedule Data.
  2. In your spreadsheet editor, open both your Schedule Export and the Session Linking Template.  
  3. Copy the Session IDs from the exported spreadsheet file into the corresponding Session ID column of the Session Linking Template.
  4. Within Guidebook Builder, find the name of your survey; copy and paste the survey name exactly (this is crucial!) into the "Link to Form Name" column across from each Session ID.
  5. Your Session Links Template should now include rows of IDs and the same Form Name in each row.  Save your spreadsheet.
  6. Within Guidebook Builder, navigate to your schedule module, and click on "Import from file".
  7. Under the "Item Links" option (the rightmost uploader), choose your saved Session Links Template and upload.

You're done!  Try clicking into a few of the sessions in your schedule to confirm they are linked to your survey.

Note: You can set up this same workflow for Custom Lists -- just perform all of the actions above, replacing schedule with Custom list!

For more information on linking, check out our Overview of Linking Article.  Hopefully, this article will help you to gather meaningful feedback from your users without too much legwork.  If you have any other questions, please reach out to our support team.


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