Pro Tip: Create One Survey for Multiple Sessions


We know how valuable it is to collect feedback from your end-users! Guidebook has built Survey Tools to help you quickly set up forms.

For session evaluations, we understand you may have one set of questions you would like to ask for each of your sessions. In this article, learn how to quickly link one survey to multiple sessions.

When you export the survey response data, Builder will tell you which session each piece of feedback came from! 

Watch this video and/or follow the written instructions below.


  1. Add your schedule sessions (how-to)
  2. Create a session feedback survey (how-to)
    • Note: Make sure your session options are set to "Allow Multiple Submissions"
  3. Export your schedule data (how-to)
  4. Download a schedule sessions linking template (how-to)

How to Link One Survey to Multiple Sessions

Open your exported schedule data you received from Builder. Copy the Session IDs in column A for all of your sessions that need to be attached to a survey.

Open your Schedule Sessions Linking Template (attached at the bottom of this article if you can't find it in Builder). Then paste those Sessions IDs into column A of the linking template.


In Builder, navigate to the Polls & Surveys section of your guide. Copy the name of your session feedback form.


In your linking template document, paste the name of your survey in the "Form Name" column for each of your sessions.


Save your spreadsheet!

In Builder, navigate to the Schedule module and click on "Data Import / Sync". To the right side of the screen, click on "Select File" under "Import links". 


Upload your linking template. You should receive an email from Builder that says "Success!"

To verify your links came through, click on a session, and then click on the "Feedback" tab.




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