How long does it take to build a guide?


Guides on the Guidebook platform are vast and incredibly unique -- to this end, the amount of time needed to build a guide varies greatly.  We have heard clients rave about building a guide in under an hour!  On the other hand, we have heard some guide creators note 20 hours of work (in the end, it was worth it!).  Generally, you can expect about 8 hours of time spent to build a guide.  We are always working to improve our guide-building tools to diminish this figure.

From our research, the time to build a guide depends heavily on several criteria.  For each item below, there are best practices that can save you magnitudes of time:

  • Schedule Format:  Do you have a complex schedule?  Is your schedule easily convertible to our Spreadsheet Template format?  How many total sessions do you have?  By manipulating your schedule information to fit our spreadsheet format, you'll shave off hours of guide-building.  Avoid PDF schedules.  Click here for Schedule-building help!

  • Interactive Maps: Maps with many interactive elements may take some time to set up.  Click here to learn how to set up Interactive Maps. .

  • Linking: If you need to upload many PDFs to your sessions or lists, or if you plan on tethering your lists and sessions, allocate a bit of extra time.  Click here for Linking tips.

  • Overall Updates: Updates are a natural part of the guide building process; the Guidebook Builder makes updating and editing your guide easy, but the more times you need to make changes, the more time you will spend building your guide.

Don't be deterred!  Building a guide is a lot of fun, and it can even be addicting.  We encourage you to dive into the Guidebook Builder and revel in its ease of use.

Guidebook also offers professional services where one of our talented Guide-building Experts will handle your data entry and guide-building for you.  Contact to learn more about this offering.

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