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Table of Contents

1. What Are User Accounts?

2. Setting Up a User Account/Logging In

3. Editing Your User Account

4. The Advantages of User Accounts

5. How to Delete your User Account

6. More Resources: How User Accounts Can Increase Engagement

1. What are User Accounts?

At its very core, a User Account is a profile one can use to access the Guidebook app and other apps powered by the Guidebook platform.  The account is comprised of a profile picture, first and last name, phone number, gender (with the option of 'No Response'), an email address (depending on how you sign up), and any tethered Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ accounts.

Profile information, beyond the profile picture, first/last name, and company/position is completely private.  These details are only shared through opt-in usage of the Attendees Module (Article on the Attendees Module here).  


NEW: If you've created a Guidebook Builder account, you may log into the app using your Guidebook Builder email and password credentials; if you create or have created a Guidebook App User Account using an email address, you may use these credentials to log into the Guidebook Builder.  If you are unsure, read on! 

2. Setting Up a User Account/Logging In

Whether you are looking to login or whether you are seeking to create a new account, the workflow will remain the same.

Guidebook Web: Access Guidebook Web at  In the upper right side of the page, click the human-esque logo (shown below).  Choose Login if you've already created an account, or select "Create an Account" to make your very own user account.


Create an account on Guidebook Web by inputting your First/Last Name, a valid email address, and a password (App passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one number.)

iOS & Android:  Open your Guidebook (or Guidebook powered) app on the iOS/Android device and tap the blank profile image in the top right. To Login with an existing account, click on the 'Log in' portion of "Already have an account? Log in" and provide your email address and password.

To create a new account, click Sign up with Facebook or Sign up with Email, or you can choose one of the 'More ways to sign up' at the bottom of the screen.  Remember: App passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one number. 

iOS Below


Android below



Guidebook Builder:  If you are interested in building guides, as well as accessing guides, we recommend you create an account for our content management system, Guidebook Builder.  Your account for Guidebook Builder doubles as an app account -- two birds, one stone!

Check out this article if you have any trouble logging in or cannot remember your password.

3. Editing Your Account

 Once you've created your User Account, you can modify your profile details to your heart's content.  To edit your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Login (see the previous section for instructions on how to log-in for each device)
  2. Click your profile from within the contextual menu on iOS and Android.  On Guidebook Web, you'll need to click the top right dropdown menu, and choose "My Profile".
  3. Within your profile, you may now edit your name, company/position, email address, phone, website, tethered social media accounts, profile picture, cover image, gender, and your password.

If you would like to change the email address you use to log into your account, you can do so by logging into Guidebook Builder. Click on your Account at the top right-hand side, select Manage your Account and then enter the new email address you would like to use in the email field and save.

New: If your user account and Guidebook Builder account share the same email credentials, you may edit your account from within Guidebook Builder!

4. The Advantages of User Accounts

We strongly encourage users to create accounts -- many cool and useful features require User Accounts, and our development team will continue to produce User Account-centric features down the line.  Find an annotated list of some of the advantages below:

  • Attendee Networking: A User Account is required to check-in to the app and connect with your peers.
  • Private Messaging: A User Account is required to send messages to other users.
  • Syncing My Schedule and To-Do List Data Across Devices: If you log in to your User Account and proceed to populate your personalized My Schedule and To-Do list features, this data will be stored to your profile.  Log in to your account on any other device, download your guide, and you'll find your My Schedule/To-Do List information already loaded into your guide!
  • Session Registration: Some guides employ limits on session attendance.  You will need a User Account in order to sign-up for sessions or to join session waitlists.  


5. How to Delete your User Account

If you would like to delete your account with Guidebook you can read more about this process here. If you would like to update your personal data or have any further questions, you can reach us at

6. More Resources

These resources will be most useful for creators of guides using our content management system, the Guidebook Builder.  However, we encourage all users to take a look at Guidebook's Blog (and mobile resources) for interesting case studies.

Engaging your users is an integral goal for every guide creator, and promoting user account usage can greatly boost your guide's success. Want to learn more? We talked to experts to get their thoughts on the Psychology of Event Check-Ins and Boosting Event Engagement.

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    How do I delete a builder account? I accidentally created two builder accounts with two different email addresses. I only use one and would like to delete the one I do not use.

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